Empire Wellness CBD Review

Our Rating: B. Products get good reviews but customer service may need improvement.

Unlike most CBD companies, Empire Wellness actually sells hemp flowers. This is the bud of the cannabis sativa industrial hemp plant and it looks and smells like marijuana. However, it has less than 0.3 % THC and is thus perfectly legal in all 50 states.  However, they give you a warning that authorities may think it is marijuana and you could be jailed in states where marijuana is illegal. It is encouraging that they sell the buds as you don’t have to worry that they are skimping on the CBD if you have the bud. It’s up to you to extract the CBD or use the bud however you intend to use it. They also sell isolate, wax, and other products.

Empire Wellness hemp oil

Is its CBD oil? Yes. It won’t cause any high.
Old, the trusted company? Unknown.
Contains verified therapeutic levels of CBD? The website says all products come with a certificate of analysis. It also says you can request labs. Reviewers online have claimed to have not gotten labs.
Sourced in the United States? Yes. Hemp is grown in Colorado.
Sourced in Europe? No.
Certified Organic in the US? Yes.
Certified Organic by the European Commission? N/A
Did the lab test in the United States? Yes.
3rd Party Testing? Yes. Products come with a certificate of analysis.
Do they tell what percentage CBD in a product? Yes.
CO2 extracted? Yes.
GMO-free? Yes.
Pesticide-free? Unknown.
Functional Website? Yes.
Memberships Unknown.

Empire Wellness CBD and terpenes are claimed to be ‘all-natural’, from which we see they are hinting at ‘organic’, but not saying the word which may mean they don’t want to fully make the claim.

Figure 2.

Description of Empire Wellness CBD Oil

Empire Wellness prices and products

99 % CBD Isolate 1 gram

They sell the isolate either pure or infused with terpenes, impressive. They also guarantee a certificate of analysis with every order.

CBD Hemp Flower

Lemon drop – 1 gram $15

Live Resin Wax

1 gram
$ 70


Empire Wellness CBD oil 150 mg 99 % crystal isolate CBD Oil
$ 35.00

CBD Gummies

Big Bear Gummies
$ 15

CBD Relaxation Syrup

CBD Relaxation Syrup, 100 mg, grape
$ 45


Empire Wellness has a wide variety of terpene products.
Super Lemon Haze Terpenes, 1.0 mL – $ 70


  • CBD isolate
    A cannabidiol isolate is the pure CBD isolated all by itself. They have a 99 % pure CBD isolate they sell as-is. It is also included as the CBD source in various products.
  • Terpenes
    Terpenes provide flavor and potentiate the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids. Two well-known terpenes are limonene which smells like lemons and myrcene, which may smell like mangoes. These flavorful substances create the entourage effect that helps make CBD effective.
  • Coconut oil
    Cannabinoids are fat-soluble so you have to use a form of fat to make the CBD as effective as possible. For this purpose, many of the products use coconut oil because it contains a type of healthy fat called MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and it makes your skin practically glow.
  • Hemp oil
    Hemp oil is generally extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant and it is used also to carry the CBD and make it available to the body. Hemp seeds do not have high levels of CBD. CBD is sourced from leaves and buds. In order to get lab reports, you must purchase an item or contact Empire Wellness and request labs.

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

Empire Wellness
+1 877-839-9054
[email protected]

Standout Features of Empire Wellness CBD, Hemp Oil Drops, other products

Buds, buds, buds

This is one of the few companies we have run into which sell the industrial hemp buds. Most growers use a form of cannabis sativa with scant buds and use the leaves to source CBD. However, increasingly a variety of hemp with big buds and still low THC is being grown and is becoming more and more popular. You can smoke these buds to get CBD and you can make your own confections, CBD oil, or cannabutter. Anything you could do with marijuana, you can do with these buds without worrying about getting any kind of debilitating high.

Wax, resin, isolate

Empire Wellness sells waxes and isolates. Most suppliers sell vapes and other somewhat unserious forms of CBD. Waxes are hardcore, for the serious experimenter. This, along with the buds, constitutes an exciting development in the industry. This is nearly equal to the excitement created by Mary’s Medicinals CBD patch, an equally awesome development.

Risks and Side Effects

CBD can have interactions with other medications you might be taking, so check with your doctor. Recent research in mice suggests CBD can affect your liver, so have your liver enzymes checked periodically if you use high amounts of CBD. Lastly, the common side effects of CBD can include drowsiness, diarrhea, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

Pros and cons

Pros of Empire Wellness CBD Oil
  • Innovative products
  • Hemp flowers
  • Waxes and resins
  •  3rd party labs certificate of analysis with every order
  • Modulates the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain
  • Not addicting
  • Can be smoked or dabbed
Cons of Empire Wellness CBD products
  • No vape products
  • You have to figure out how to use the buds yourself
  • You may need extra machinery to use the wax as dabs
  • No THC so you won’t get high from smoking the buds or doing the dabs
  • People claim they did not get labs with their order

Empire Wellness CBD Oil reviews

Review Rating: F.  “…they haven’t answered the phone…”

This Reddit user claims he’s been calling and they won’t answer the phone. We noticed as well they don’t have customer service hours on the website and they only give an email, form-fill, and phone number but no customer service hours or other numbers. This signals possibly a lack of care for individual customers and maybe a focus on large clients.

Review Rating: B-. “…CBD crystals with terpenes are great…”

This Reddit user liked the product but says they avoided shipping labs. They claim to send labs with every order but also say ‘labs available upon request’, so something seems to not quite shake out as claimed.

Review Rating: B. “…no problems before, other than their high prices.”

This Reddit user got his order fine but was unimpressed with the high prices.

Review Rating: B. “The quality is there.”

This Reddit user claims their products appear to be of good quality but the customer service is bad.

Q&A about Empire Wellness CBD

Tell me about CBD?
CBD is famous cannabidiol. It is second only to THC in popularity as a cannabinoid. It is the most abundant cannabinoid in industrial hemp used to make CBD products. It has various therapeutic qualities and can help reduce hot tempers, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain.
What is the entourage effect?
Hemp contains various cannabinoids and terpenes. Taken together, they work synergistically to produce a reduction in pain and inflammation to create therapeutic effects. Therefore, CBD isolate may be combined with terpenes to enhance the effect of the CBD.
What are terpenes?
Terpenes are compounds responsible for the flavor and scent of lemon, mango, and lavender. They also work synergistically with cannabinoids to enhance the effect. Terpenes like limonene and myrcene are popular among users of hemp and marijuana.
What’s the difference between this and weed?
Industrial hemp and industrial hemp flower contain less than 0.3 % THC and therefore cause no high and is legal in all 50 states. Weed is marijuana which contains high levels of THC and has a psychoactive effect. It is not legal in all states like industrial hemp is legal.
Must this be prescribed by a doctor?
CBD oil is for use for non-medical complaints like stress and everyday anxiety. You, therefore, do not need a prescription.
Do they use 3rd party labs?
Empire Wellness claims to use 3rd party labs and to include lab reports with every order. However, we have read reports that some customers claim they did not receive the labs and that calls to get the labs were dodged.
Will I pass my drug tests?
CBD is not supposed to show up as THC; however, no company can guarantee you that you can’t fail a drug test by getting a false positive due to the use of industrial hemp products. It does, however, appear to be unlikely to happen.
If I smoke the buds will I get high?

Conclusion on Empire Wellness hemp oil

Grade:  B

Customers appear to like the products but are often unable to get through to customer service and also claim they do not always get the 3rd party labs. However, if you want a hemp flower, this would be the place to get it.

CBD oil disclaimers (please read, this is important):

General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert and its employees and partners do not represent the medical establishment and our information is not a replacement for your doctor’s advice.

Food and Drug Administration Disclaimer

CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are not evaluated by the FDA as a medication.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

CBD products should contain little to no THC; however, no product can guarantee you that you could not fail a drug test due to contamination or a false positive for THC.

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