Cannabis Oil For Dogs and other Pets


CBD oil is a product that is derived from cannabis however without any THC (the cause of psychoactive effects that weed users often experience). CBD is extracted from the plant and then is diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Some scientific studies have already confirmed that CBD oil can ease suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. With regards to pets, however, there is a lack of studies to prove its benefits. With that said, anecdotal evidence suggests it can be beneficial for pets too and there is a scientific logic behind it even if so far it is unproven. This is because the cannabinoids in CBD oil reach the endocannabinoid receptors of the nervous system, a part of the body designed to uphold a balance in the body and keep a normal state of health. This is of course how CBD oil is believed to benefit humans and thus it is very feasible that the same occurrence in nonhuman animals allows for similar benefits in them.

How Does CBD Oil Affect Pets?

Some of the health benefits CBD oil for pets that have been widely reported include stress relief, anti-inflammation, and working as a painkiller. There are also speculative claims that CBD oil can help treat cancer in pets but this is unproven and chemotherapy, as awful as it can be, remains the most recommended means of treating cancer in pets. There are also claims that CBD oil can work as an antiemetic and that the oil can be used to treat nausea and vomiting. There is, of course, a list of potential negative side-effects to consider which CBD oil can cause in pets;

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Could be toxic if used in too high a quantity

With much speculation surrounding the effects of CBD oil on pets, it is highly recommended to stick to small dosages. We do not yet know what the limits for any given species are whereby the oil could be toxic and dangerous for consumption. Also, be sure to keep a close eye on your pet from the time you give them CBD oil and watch out for any negative side-effects which could have resulted from CBD oil. If it appears particularly serious, you should take them to the vet right away.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

CBD oil for dogs comes in many forms ranging from food mixed with the oil to CBD dog treats for anxiety. Most pet owners that are seeking to use CBD oil for their pets will be doing so for dogs. As already stated, there is not yet scientific proof that CBD oil can treat illnesses and ailments in dogs and much of the information online claiming that it can, should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, it’s very reasonable to believe that such proof may exist at some point in the future but for now, the benefits of CBD oil in dogs or any pets for that matter are a possibility and should be weighed against any potential negative side-effects. There has been a range of anecdotal reports that the oil can treat pain, neuropathic suffering, and aid in controlling seizures in dogs. This is not unreasonable considering the proven beneficial effects of medicinal cannabis and also given the similarities in the cannabinoid structure between CBD oil and medicinal cannabis.

Dogs are mammals and have a similar nervous system to humans, including cannabinoid receptors. Dogs can also have seizure disorders and anxiety, two conditions where CBD oil has proven effective in humans. In the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science, a study was published called Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs in 2018. The study found significant reductions in pain measures in the dogs. However, liver enzymes were elevated as a side effect. Elevated liver enzymes are also sometimes seen in humans who use CBD medically. Elevated liver enzymes can indicate low-level damage to the liver which over time can become serious. The study was randomized and controlled by placebo. Some of the dogs received 2 mg of CBD per pound of bodyweight, others 8 mg, and others a placebo. The Canine Brief Pain Inventory and other pain measures were given to the dogs and their owners to assess pain. The tests showed reductions in pain and improvements in the quality of life for the dogs and their owners.

Best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

# 1. King Kalm Crunch

King Kalm makes a range of CBD products for dogs and has great buzz online. It was picked by as the best maker of CBD products for dogs.

This user found CBD even helped with his dog’s obesity problem. We have heard reports of both humans and animals losing weight after using CBD, however, CBD is generally not used as a weight loss aid.

On its site, King Kalm publishes 3rd party lab results to prove that its products contain the stated content of CBD and does not contain toxins such as fungi, bacteria, and heavy metals. It is imperative no matter which CBD product you buy, that you make sure the company publishes labs done by an objective third party showing that their products contain the stated amount of CBD and are free of toxins. These products do not contain THC and will not make your dog high.

It can cost you about $ 50 bucks for a bottle which will last one week to a month.

#2. Fab CBD Dog Treats

FabCBD is a company whose main focus is not on the dog market for CBD products. This can be a positive in that we know that they are mainly making products which they expect will be used by humans who can be quite litigious if they don’t get their way, unlike canines. They make products fit for human consumption, some of which are meant for dogs. Most of us want our dogs to have medicines good enough for a human, so we’re on the same page. Fabs products avoid soy, corn, or wheat, in case you or your dog may have allergies to such. They include oats and salmon. It’s neither vegan nor carnivore fully, but a mix which some experts say is ideal for dogs, who are omnivores. They include a chart which shows you how to dose and this can be very useful if you have dogs, cats, or other animals. Say you have a 20 lb cat, the CBD oil for cats anxiety dosage would be about .2 ml, or .8 ml if the anxiety is severe enough for a medical diagnosis.

Fab’s dog treats come in flavors chicken, salmon, and peanut butter. While it’s promising that they removed wheat and soy, oats that are included are also grass/grain. Dogs tolerate small amounts of grasses and will eat grass when sick. Yet, it does not appear to be a large part of a natural dog diet, in as much as none of us include medications as a part of our regular diet when we are not ill.

The continued list of best organic CBD oil for dogs is as follows:

#3 Medterra Pet CBD Oil

#4 NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil

#5 Honest Paws CBD Oil

#6 CBDistillery Pet Tincture

No matter which CBD oil you choose, make sure you access the 3rd party labs for your particular batch to make certain you are getting only the most valuable medicines for your pet.

The recommended dose of CBD oil for your pet generally depends on their weight, so be conscious of this if your pet is particularly small or large (a guinea pig vs. CBD oil for horses for example). For a pet who weighs about 10 pounds, 5 milligrams is considered a strong dose for example while for a pet who weighs roughly 50 pounds, 5 milligrams is deemed to be just a low dose. For further information and to view a full CBD dosing chart for pets, visit;

Of course, the specific dosage level will also be dependent on other factors such as the nature of the problem that you are tending to. The most intelligible approach is to take the low dose for your pet depending on their weight and wait to see what effects appear after thirty minutes have passed. If you see no positive effects after half an hour, then you may increase the dosage. You should not keep increasing the dosage ad infinitum and especially not within a short period of time. Give your pet time before going higher again if you still have seen no effects and do not exceed the higher recommended dosage at a given time. Most products will come with a recommended dosage chart and should guide you as to how many drops should be administered to your pet.

Possible Side-Effects in Dogs And Other Pets

The side-effects are predominantly minor and should not be life-threatening with CBD oil side effects on kidneys and other major organs being minimal to non-existent for example. While your pet overdosing on CBD oil is not likely, negative side-effects are still possible. These side-effects can appear in humans, dogs, and other animals alike:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Itching
  • Vomiting

These side-effects are usually mild in nature when present and you should expect such side-effects to disappear once the CBD oil has been fully processed through your pet’s system. If you still notice such side-effects continuing six hours later or more, then you should bring your pet to a local veterinarian to be on the safe side. It is important to monitor and watch your pet’s actions once you have given them CBD oil so you can be conscious of any possible side-effects. If side-effects appear, you should immediately stop administering CBD oil to your pet and supervise them closely. In many cases, if the side-effects were not too bad, it is advisable to re-administer CBD oil perhaps several days later but in a lower dosage so that you can find the right dosage window that works for your pet. Of course, how CBD oil will work on your pet, in particular, will also be quite dependent on the species and breed they are a member of. A level of sedation and gastrointestinal side-effects are not too uncommon in cats for example. It is recommended that you research any potential side-effects and other relevant information in terms of administering CBD oil to the specific species your pet is a member of before delving into CBD oil as a way to treat your pet.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

When it comes to hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs or any pet species of interest, one area where CBD oil appears to be slightly superior is in how quickly it will work. The effects of CBD oil in pets usually kicks in between five and thirty minutes after being administered when the recommended dose is given. If no effects appear after thirty minutes has passed, you may give your pet one more of the recommended dosage. This is still safe as long as you do not go way over the recommended dose for a given time period. Once the effects begin, it should last for roughly four to six hours. Of course, the relevant effects will depend on what exactly the CBD oil is being used to treat in your pet and how effective it could be will vary depending on the product and nature of the ailment, illness or problem which you are attempting to treat your pet for.


Will CBD oil make my pet high?
No. CBD oil does not contain THC, the necessary ingredient to cause highs.
Is overdosing on CBD oil possible for pets?
It is unlikely that your pet can experience an overdose of CBD oil. There are no known cases of pets overdosing on CBD oil. However, with no known dangerous level of CBD oil, you certainly should avoid giving your pet more than the recommended dosage. If you accidentally do so, then it is likely not going to be the end of the world.
How is CBD oil administered to pets?
Pets can receive CBD oil in various forms. For example through edibles such as chewable treats and capsules as well. CBD oil can be added to food or administered to pets by being placed under the tongue as is particularly common with humans.
Where to buy CBD oil for cancer?
There is no scientific proof that CBD oil can treat cancer in pets or humans. Some studies do suggest that it may have this effect. It may be worth a try so long as it does not interfere with your vets’ other treatments. Chemotherapy remains generally the best way to treat cancer in pets.


CBD oil is an awesome and potentially effective treatment for dogs and other pets with anxiety or pain disorders. You should be aware that some studies suggest raised liver enzymes so keep an eye on your pet’s liver function if they are receiving cannabidiol therapy. This therapy is likely to help your dog if they have seizures. It can also help with anxiety and chronic pain. It does not appear to have the heavy side effects other prescription treatments may have. It is generally available over the counter, though there are prescription forms for humans.


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