What to Do If You Can’t Get High Anymore?


You’ve been smoking weed for years, maybe decades now and one day you realize “I don’t get high anymore.” Losing the ability to get high is a common fear among many weed smokers and drug users alike. This can result in the body’s tolerance levels for substances such as THC increases. Our bodies produce a high tolerance to a wide range of substances over time. Our bodies can adjust in order to tolerate alcohol and sugar better. Thankfully, there is a long list of methods that users can employ to lower their body’s tolerance levels. Of course, increased tolerance is not the only explanation behind losing the ability to get high. Further explanations could be;

  • A Medical Condition
  • Method of Consumption (i.e.; joints, bongs, pipes, etc.)
  • Poor Quality Weed

Of course, if you are a first-time smoker you may simply not be doing it right as inhaling improperly is a common problem among first-timers. Your body may also need time to respond to it and may fail to do so on its first attempt. However, if you have been consuming weed for quite some time and you used to get high on a regular basis but have lost that ability then there is a very strong chance that your tolerance levels are now too high. THC acts on receptors in the body which are labelled with the scientific term of CB1. Once these receptors are worked enough, it will lead to THC tolerance because the receptors will become weakened and therefore desensitized in responding to cannabinoids each time you smoke marijuana.

Methods For Getting High Again


One popular method to help a user get high again is simply through detoxing. This can also be described as a tolerance break, as an effort undertaken to bring your tolerance levels back down. If you can go several weeks without smoking, then you can expect your body to return to an equilibrium with regards to cannabinoids. The same can be true of other drugs including alcohol. Of course, how long it will take you to complete a detox such as for weed, depends on how much you smoke and in what quantities. While a full marijuana detox for a heavy weed smoker can take up to 30 days, moderate smokers may only require a week to detox their system while a one-time smoker can detox in about 72 hours. Detoxification is achieved through the body naturally, when you give it time without taking drugs such as cannabis. However, this process can be supported and quickened by utilizing specific detox methods or/and products. Urinary dilution is a prominent detox method which involves drinking large (but not unsafe) quantities of water. This in turn leads to more urination and therefore more toxins including THC are removed from the body at a quicker rate than they would be otherwise.

A particularly popular method of detoxing is the ‘Certo Sure Jell Method’ whereby an individual uses a list of homemade ingredients to help aid their body’s effort to detox. Products such as Toxin Rid and Rescue Cleanse are among the most positively rated detox products on the market. Toxin Rid comes with a wide scope of ‘courses’ ranging from a one-day course for same-day cleansing to a ten-day course, which mostly involves taking pills. Same-day cleaning works best for low to moderate smokers but may work for heavier smokers too. Detox products vary in terms of their effectiveness and price and whether or not they will work for you may be dependent on a range of factors including how often you smoke, when you last smoked and your body weight. Detoxing can also be achieved naturally using drinks such as lemon juice, cranberry juice and coffee (which is a diuretic). No method or product is a guaranteed fix but given time, the body will naturally detox either way and this will likely help you experience a high again.

Eating Mango

How to get really high with a high tolerance? Or, how to feel high again if it’s been on the decline? Eating mangoes is a surprisingly recurrent approach taken by many users to help bring back or/and enhance their high. This is because mangoes contain a significant level of myrcene. Upon consuming a mango whilst getting high, the myrcene enters your bloodstream and can cause a reaction with any THC present which in turn can amplify and improve your high while also possibly making it last longer. Myrcene is a form of terpenes which is present in both marijuana and fruits such as mangoes. Myrcene impacts the same receptors as cannabinoids, which can lead to a relaxed, free of pain experience to compliment your high.

Agmatine to Restore Cannabinoid Tolerance

Among the best way to smoke weed to get the highest involves also taking agmatine. The use of agmatine is another, less-known method to getting your high back. Both cannabis and agmatine are endogenous modulators. Some sources promote the co-ingestion of agmatine alongside marijuana and it is believed that agmatine is particularly beneficial when it comes to the psychoactive element of getting high. One theory surrounding the enhancing capacity of agmatine for a weed high is that agmatine better enables THC to act on cannabinoid receptors in the body, in turn leading to a more intense high. Agmatine may also work for a further range of drugs beyond marijuana although much of the ideas surrounding the effects of agmatine remain theoretical and have yet to be proven. You should also consider any potential negative side-effects of taking agmatine and be sure to not consume too much and to do your research beforehand.

Alternative Methods

Aside from the methods already mentioned, here is a list of further methods that you might explore;

  1. Trying edibles instead.
  2. Taking different strains of weed.
  3. Mixing tobacco with weed.

How long does a high last from weed? And how to boost it?

Usually, the peak of a weed high lasts for 1-3 hours but can even last for up to 9 hours. If you want to extend and enhance your experience, there are approaches you might consider. While the methods already mentioned can be used to bring back a high there are many more approaches out there preferred simply to improve a high. Storing weed in superior conditions is one way you can elevate your high and perhaps make it last longer. It is best to store your weed in a cool place that is also dark. Returning to food, mangoes are not the only food produce that can help boost your high. Dark chocolate with about 72% cocoa or more can support a high for example, since it can prevent anandamide from being broken down too quickly. Further, dark chocolate also works as an antioxidant. Myrcene, as mentioned earlier is present in mangoes which can boost your high but this can also be found in broccoli and nuts.

Cannabis use is one of the safer ways to get high. It’s becoming increasingly legal in the United States and other countries. Check the laws of your jurisdiction to see if weed is legal to use before using it to enhance your life. If weed is not available, a cannabinoid-filled moss called Radula Liverwort is available in some places as a legal high. Synthetic cannabinoids are sometimes sold as legal highs but they do not have the same safety profile as marijuana and can be dangerous.


Q: How Much Weed Does It Take to Get High?
A: It completely depends on the person and particularly how high your tolerance for THC is (which is largely linked to how much weed you have already consumed). A first-timer may just require 1 or 2 hits of a joint to experience a high with the effects kicking in after 30 minutes to an hour on average. For a more seasoned smoker, it may take noticeably more.

Q: What Does Getting High For The First Time Feel Like?
A: Your first time smoking weed could work in a variety of different ways. You may find that nothing happens your first time, especially if you have inhaled the weed improperly. If done correctly however and if you have a low tolerance level you may get very high and have a really positive experience. There is not often a middle ground for your first time.


The cause and solution to an inability to get high is not completely straightforward. More than likely a sudden loss inability to get high will be the result of an increased tolerance to a given drug substance. What approach will work best will depend on the person. Detoxing the body is arguably the most popular and successful approach to lowering your drug tolerance (such as for weed) plus it is usually simple and natural.


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