How to make Hash from Weed? Hash making Process

How to Make Hash from Cannabis

If you are ready to make hash from weed, we will take you through the process. The hash making process is very simple, and there are multiple ways to make hashish. The key is separating the THC-rich trichomes from the rest of the plant material, then applying heat and pressure. Trichomes are the white frosty hairs of the female marijuana plant.

What is Hash?

Only the bud of the marijuana plant contains significant THC, and the trichomes contain the most THC of the parts of the bud. To get the most concentrated form of weed, you want to gather together the trichomes. Hash is the most basic and traditional form of THC concentrate. It is made by collecting trichomes of the female marijuana plant, then applying heat and pressure. This creates a dense concentrate, in the form of a brick or cookie-like substance. It is traditionally eaten but, can also be consumed through smoking. Less pure varieties will not completely dissolve on a nail. But clearer, shatter-like varieties can be used with a nail and rig. There are many ways of producing a hash. We will look at the pros and cons of different methods.

When the trichomes are collected, the resultant substance is called kief. When the kief is then pressed and melted, the result is hash.

Hash can be consumed in many ways but is difficult to burn in a joint. It is therefore often eaten or added to a regular joint to give an extra kick of pain relief or psychoactive effects. Hash of different purities can have different colors, including tan, reddish, yellow, or transparent. Hash is the most popular cannabis product in Europe, whereas North Americans tend to use more herbal marijuana.

There is evidence of hemp use as far back as 10,000 BC in parts of Asia, and Hashish, in particular, had spread across Arab lands by 900 A.D. By the 1800s, such creative luminaries as Victo Hugo and Alexandre Dumas (writer of The Three Musketeers) were hashish eaters. In the ensuing years, hash use spread across western nations, with hash remaining the most popular cannabis product in Europe while herbal marijuana took over in North America.

Hash has some advantages over herbal weed. The smoke of hash may be less harsh due to less tar entering the smoke from burning plant material. It is also easier to eat. Here are some other pros and cons:

  • Very little gets you high
  • Can be stored, much longer than regular weed
  • Can produce a cleaner smoke with less tar and other unwanted plant parts
  • Potency can provide stronger pain relief
  • Maybe less controlled in some places
  • Easier to consume by eating
  • Much plant material is discarded or re-used
  • More costly to buy or produce
  • Produces less aroma and flavor
  • Potency can produce unexpected results such as anxiety
  • Some places that have legal marijuana may not have legalized concentrates like hash
  • You may be unable to tell the purity of your hash

Finger Hash

making cannabis hash

Figure 1.

Finger hash is an easy method for producing a hash. As workers handle large amounts of marijuana, the resinous trichomes stick to their hands producing a thick coating. They can then rub their hands together with such that the resins clump and fall off into a waiting collection plate. The heat and pressure generated to produce a lower quality type of hash, but which can yet be done artfully enough to produce a highly valued hash. While the whole plant can be rubbed for resins, the best resins come from the bud. The pot plant can be rubbed for resins and trichomes while it is still growing, thus creating an economic opportunity for harvesting the power of the bud for smoking or eating your hash pot. Different methods create different types of hash.

The Blender Method

This method is considered slightly more refined than the finger hash method. The marijuana trim along with water and ice is put into the blender. The blender is switched on. The mixing causes the trichomes to separate from the bud and plant matter. The mixer is switched off. The trichomes will sink to the bottom. The mixture is then poured into a jar through a screen that catches the plant matter but allows the water and trichomes to flow through. This mixture settles for about thirty minutes so the trichomes settle at the bottom of the jar. Two-thirds of the top layer of water is poured out, careful to lose no trichomes. The mixture is then refrigerated for ten minutes, taken out, then the trichomes are filtered out by straining through a coffee filter. Now, the trichomes have been carefully collected, and need only be allowed to dry to form kief. The kief will then be pressed into a hash using heat and pressure.

The Silky Screen Method

This method requires that you take your ground cannabis trim and filter it through a screen by gently shaking it and allowing the trichomes to separate and fall onto a hard, dark surface where they can be collected. You can make your own screen or buy one premade. Further, you can have the trim pass through ever fine screens to make different grades of kief, the finest being the most unadulterated and potent. This method is simple and requires few materials. It can produce a fine kief and hash while sparing the plant material from being excessively altered for other uses.

The Mechanical Drum Method

The mechanical drum is an automated way to use the screen method. The drum, once activated, and the trim placed inside will automatically vibrate, causing the trichomes to fall through a fine screen. This may continue for several hours and will yield a finely extracted booty of kief.

Another simple method of using a screen called flat screening. With flat screening, you simply take a framed metallic screen with 70 to 125-micron holes and move you’re prepared and dried trim across the screen so that the trichomes scrape off and drop through the screen. This is the easiest way to use a screen to make kief, or, with greater pressure, a low-grade form of hash.

The Bubble Hash Method How to Make Hash from Weed

Bubble hash is considered the best and most pure form of hash. Though the process is simple, the best and purest form of hash can be yielded through this method.


  • Water
  • Ice
  • Mixing stick
  • High-quality cannabis trim
  • 2 buckets
  • Mesh bags, the following sizes: 220 U, 190 U, 160 U, 73 U, 45 U, 25 U


Step by step guide:

  1. Measure out the amount of hash you are going to make. You will use a 10:1, weed to hash ratio, meaning you will need ten grams of trim to make one gram of hash.
  2. Combine your cannabis trim with a generous amount of ice in a bucket. The ice will make the trichomes stiff and brittle, ready to separate from the trim.
  3. Add cool water to completely drown your trim and ice, then stir with a large mixing stick for 15 minutes, clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  4. Add your mesh bags to the other bucket, starting with the finest mesh bag, 25U, curling the bag over the top of the bucket. Then place the other mesh bags in the preceding bag, curled over the bucket.
  5. Now pour your mixture into the second bucket and allow it to settle for 20 minutes.
  6. Carefully remove the outermost bag containing most of the plant material, allowing the fluid to drain into the bucket and set the bag aside. Then move along and remove the second and the rest of the bags allowing the fluid to flow into the bucket to the waiting bag. When you get to the last bag, this will contain your most fine-grade kief. Take out the kief and put it on a non-stick plate or pan and allow it to dry. Once dry, you will have pristine bubble kief. Now to transform it into prime hash.
hot to make hash result

Pressure and Heat Turns Kief Into Hash

You have used one of the methods above and obtained different grades of hash, including the purest. Now you need to produce a hash. You can use a pollen press to merely press your kief into hash. This will produce enough heat and pressure to create a unique and flavorful hash, but by adding heat, many users produce a stronger hash.

marijuanna hash

Figure 2.

The other method is to essentially make cookies of pure hash. The kief is wrapped in cellophane to keep it dry. This is then wrapped in paper in a hard, compact package, then the paper is wet under the water tap. Preheat the oven to 350 F, then pop your package into heat up for ten minutes. Pop it back out then take a rolling pin and roll the package flat and even like cookie dough. Now, you have your pure hash, ready for prime time. If you have bubble melt, you are ready to get it bubbling with pure cannabinoid-rich vapors that will provide a stronger and sweeter dose of medicine than you have gotten smoking your usual pot cigarette.

Consuming Hash

Hash is usually easy to consume. You simply eat it or smoke it. However, it’s important to be careful of dosage and know the quality of the hash you have obtained or made. The THC content of the hash can be as high as 65%. Hash is often smoked with tobacco or with herbal marijuana. You simply break off a small piece of hash, hold it on a key or other metallic tool in order to apply a little heat to it with a lighter, allowing it to come apart and become more malleable for mixing in with your herbal marijuana. Then you roll a joint as usual. By rolling it in a spliff, you get the best of both worlds. The flavor and aroma of your herbal marijuana, mixed with the strong draught of THC you get from the hash. This will give you a much more cerebral and numbing high, with smoke which is less harsh. It is therefore important not to let the intensity of the high exceed your expectations, as you may not experience the same coughing or burn that would normally prevent you from consuming too hard of a hit of herbal marijuana.

If you are short of tools, you may prefer to use the hot knives method. Simply take two butter knives and heat them glowing hot on a stove (be careful around heat and flames). Dig out a small piece of hash onto one knife and place the other knife on top as the hash smokes. Then inhale the smoke with a straw or other hollow reed. Another method is to use a medium-sized plastic water bottle with the bottom cut out to hold over the knives, allowing it to fill with smoke, then inhale through the top of the bottle.

Eating hash is simply a matter of making sure you have the purest product and the right dosage. With the right information, you are ready to enjoy a pain-relieving treatment that has been used for centuries to ease pain and produce relief.

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