Cannabis Internet and App Services

Cannabis apps have been a major yet laid back feature to the industry throughout this decade, starting in 2008, with a Google Maps-like application which helps users find the nearest dispensary. Weed apps started to get a little more popular in 2010 when the first marijuana-related app was a game similar to Farmville which allowed users to crop their own pot farm with recreational purposes. However, modern-day cannabis apps have taken part in research and knowledge regarding the lifestyle implied in consuming pot.

Several types of functions that may suit your cannabis influenced lifestyle, which can help users get around friendlier or nearer dispensaries, getting tips, weed delivery services, looking over different types of strains, and even growing simulators for beginner farmers!

It is important to point out that this growing industry has seen a few setbacks over the years, one of the latest ones being Google cracking down on weed delivery apps earlier in June. Prohibiting apps from the Google App Store to feature a shopping cart option as the only requirement to abide.

Google’s Restrictions on Marijuana Apps

Google demanded marijuana-related apps to remove the shopping cart feature or any facilitations that allow buyers to shop or pick up any THC related products. However, it remains unspecified if map apps such as Weedmaps which provides directions of dispensaries and lounges around, since technically it involves pick up locations and arrangements for cannabis products on android phones, meaning if you have an iPhone this change won’t affect you.

On another hand, Google has been bolstering the delivery and construction of medicinal cannabis platforms, this created a “google delivery service” which allows those who want to create a medicinal marijuana delivery service can do it with a practical google interface.

Followed Google’s decision, Facebook also joined the cause and proceeded to ban any THC cannabis ads in view of the controversy that surrounds marijuana laws across de United States and several other parts of the world.

Giving approval to marijuana ads and shopping via apps and social media means that these internet giants would need to surefire operators in various countries, and perhaps being subject to controversies in different regions.

However, CBD, the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis, advertisement remains permitted throughout social media and web sales, as it is an easy find and used mainly for medicinal purposes. Also, President Trump signed the farm bill for industrial hemp production.

Weed Delivery Services

Weed delivery is a booming business, despite google cracking down on apps with a new policy, there are still services that function independently to the Google app store. In case you’re looking for a 24-hour cannabis delivery service, keep in mind that it may be unlawful to find these since legislation demands dispensaries to close their doors at 10 pm tops, however, there are plenty of stores to choose from depending on which state you’re in.

Also, Google approves of medicinal cannabis delivery apps including all sorts of weed derived products.

Nowadays cannabis has become part of modern life, and that may include on occasions the need for it to be delivered due to a time factor or even a quality guarantee. On another hand, America has seen an even larger rise of CBD derived products and there are certainly various ways to attain it on your doorstep.

Budly: This app is one of the most popular selling apps for medicinal pot. has a delivery system for medicinal users who want – or need – a particular strain. The app currently only works for California users but hopes to slowly expand in the near future.

Caliva: Caliva services are one of the most efficient and completely assorted online cannabis shops. When logging in one can choose to set up a delivery or pick up an order. From medicinal blunts to pure CBD and THC infused edible goodies, Caliva offers a massive span of choices including gift cards and membership rewards that will eventually sort the question of how to get free weed.

Additionally, their pre-rolled cigarette products also offer tips on the best ways to store marijuana whether it is in a joint or an edible.

Eaze: This company provides safe and legal access to cannabis throughout 44 states in the U.S, it is legal to ship most of their products since plenty of them contain less than 3% THC. Eaze partners up with Cannuka, BeTrū Wellness, Vital Leaf, and other trusted CBD companies besides offering and extent menu for those states that are cannabis-friendly.

Top 3 Cannabis Apps

WeedMaps: One of the earliest, if not the first, cannabis apps in the market is one that aids cannabis users in more than one way and is one of the oldest and most popular apps regarding weed. Not only does it allow you to find and explore nearby dispensaries in a legal weed map, but it is also a place of discussion, where marijuana consumers share their experiences with different strains, thus making it easier for users to find which strains may or may not be for them.

Weedmaps uses a Google Maps interface that pinpoints several dispensaries that are nearby, making it quite user-friendly in terms of navigation. As previously mentioned, this app also works as a forum, providing users with a social media space that has served for private messaging and Q&As regarding various cannabis subjects.

This cannabis app is also known for providing different doctor’s offices, dispensaries, and cannabis delivery services for the user, and you’d get all of this… for free. Finally, Weedmaps has also hosted different events to promote the safer use of marijuana for medical patients.

SimLeaf:  This particular app may be a little more useful if you’re an aspiring or beginner grower. SimLeaf is a simulator for growing cannabis, which turns out to be an accurate training if you’re unaware of the entirety of the growing process. It will provide you with advanced growing techniques and recommend you the best tools to use for the strain you wish to grow.

SimLeaf also lists a menu of strains for growers to choose from, making it an outstanding and even more specific way to train and learn the ropes of how growing certain types of strains, in fact, you can even specify which nutrients you want your plant to have!

Having said this, this app will know if it has been neglected, meaning that if proper care is not given to your virtual plant, this one will slowly but surely, much like a Tamagotchi, die. SimLeaf has a cost of $1.99, but if you plan on becoming a cannabis grower, it will be worth it.

Leafly: This leading app and cannabis website is one that can prove quite useful to any marijuana user – beginner, or expert. Leafly provides an extensive menu and listings of strains, adding the history and lineage of different strains, their aroma, flavor and appearance, the effects it causes – both positive and negative, and the medicinal impact they have to their favor.

Not only that, but it can also work as a forum, as users of the platform review strains while sharing their experience using all sorts of marijuana, and posting pictures of how the strain should look like.

It is a rather simple app, however, it is one that will accurately describe the experience that perhaps an unknown strain will give you. Leafly is free for both the app and the website, meaning that in case you might want a sneak peek on how the app works, you can visit the webpage.

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