Things to do while high

What do you do when you are stoned and alone?

What a question to ask? But on second thought, it is an important question. Regardless of the several controversies surrounding marijuana’s recreational and medicinal uses, it remains a well-known drug. Although many states and local governments are beginning to legalize it, cannabis is a drug that can lead to problems if not used properly. Marijuana otherwise known as weed or cannabis is also addictive as alcohol. Generally, 10% of individuals who smoke cannabis will get addicted to it. That implies 90% of individuals can utilize it for recreational purpose. In any case, for the other 10%, marijuana is definitely not an innocuous herb. They will experience issues regulating their utilization, and they will keep on utilizing it despite the fact that it has harmful results in their life.

But it is very important that one who takes in marijuana knows a lot about it, especially how to control oneself when high, things to do and chose not to do when high and much other vital information. Well, this article would explain more of this vital information.

The first thing here to take note of is, how one can know when they are high or about to get high and then stop. For many individuals, the initial smoking practice is a turn-down because they felt nothing after taking it. This is a normal thing as a lot of person smoking for the first time do not inhale it completely into their lungs.

Be that as it may, how about we accept you’ve smoked rightly. Here are a couple of normal signs that you’re high or going to be high:

Your sense appears to be transformed

In the event that the light is excessively brilliant, colors somewhat more distinctive, music progressively melodic, or whatever, you may be high.

You experience a physical change

Weed will, in general, give an exceptionally physical high feeling. That may mean your body feels lighter and nimbler. Or on the other hand, perhaps you feel heavier and backed-off. Or on the other hand, perhaps you’re encountering a sort of pulsing buzz all through your body. Whatever the case, you’ll very likely feel physically modified.

Time gets funny

By “funny”, I meant maybe you get yourself hyper-concentrated on the action, just to turn upward and understand that an extreme measure of time has passed. Or on the other hand, the exact inverse – an action that appears as though it ought to have taken longer appears to fly by.


In the event that all of a sudden everything appears to be funny; you are likely high.

Emotional change

Unexpected, hard to characterize emotional change can be an indication that you’re high. Perhaps you’re having a simple discussion, yet when somebody says something that makes you feel somewhat abnormal and a long, awkward break follows? No need for worries, it happens constantly.


Straightforward undertakings become less simple. Here is a test – go to the bank, attempt to play out a typical discussion with the teller, and on the off chance that you get yourself uncertain of the means (Slide my card now? Or then again do they need a signature? What did she simply state? Did I as of now hand over the cash? Etc.), you may be high.


The greatest sign that you’re high is regularly a feeling of all-out unwinding – all you need to do is chill. You don’t stress over anything, and you don’t comprehend why other individuals are stressed over anything. You don’t have a craving for doing any work, or some of the time even amusement. All you need to do is kick back and relax.

Basically, all you need to do is to look for unusual changes. On the off chance that you smoke or ingest weed or some other substance, so far as that is concerned, you generally know whether you’re high founded on the progressions that happen consequently to utilization.

Now that you are aware of certain signs that point to the reality that you are high, how do you manage yourself when high? What do you do when high? Here are fun things to do when high:


Ordinarily, staying put can be an unpleasant experience and even when high, you don’t want to stay fixed. Hence dancing can be a nice activity to engage in when high. All you need to do is to choose and play a song or playlist that you like and take up the volume and all you need to do is to move your body to the beat and enjoy.

Study or Read a Book

Regardless of the fact that you are high, reading a book can be a great activity to engage in. Even though the time might seem not to be right to read, you can get to expand your awareness based on the things you will learn.

Surf the Web

There is no limit to what can be done when surfing the internet; things to watch, read and do on the internet has no limit and they can be of great fun. Just as there are fun things to do on the internet when you’re bored, so also does surfing the internet when high can be fun. Surfing the web can be a great way of enjoying the high moments and you can get to surf for things you would not on a normal day. Definitely, there are several fun things to do on the computer when stoned and alone.


Yoga is very helpful as it would help both your body and your mind feel more relaxed. Also, you don’t have to put in much effort or stress yourself when doing yoga.

Sit in front of the TV

It is left for you to make sense of the best things to watch while high.

Do some exercise

Carrying out an exercise leads to the release of endorphins and they (endorphins) make you feel better. All you need to do is to pick a particular exercise program that you like and work with it. When you do this when high, you get to feel better and also get more strength for future purpose.

Take a shower

Yes, taking a deep bath or shower can be a good thing to do when high. When you are high and you get soaked in your tub, there is this feeling of relaxation that comes with it. A bath can be a good activity to engage in when high.

Here is also a list of things you should NOT think of doing while high

Go to the grocery store

This is definitely one thing you don’t want to try when you are high. You might either end up spoiling things, or you will leave at least $50 poorer, and with nothing that could constitute a meal.

Operating electrical appliances

This is another important thing that should be avoided when high. Operating appliances when high can lead to a serious fire outbreak or accident.

Responding to work emails

It is no longer news that when you get high, you lose a bit of consciousness and responding to work emails might lead to serious negative results.

Do not drive

Driving when high should be completely avoided as it can kill you at the slightest point when you lose consciousness.


Do not cook when high, as it can also lead to a fire outbreak, or you waste cooking ingredients and materials.

Also, it is very advisable that the mentioned activities that are to be avoided when high can not only hurt yourself when high but can also hurt other persons around you. Take, for instance, you get high and driving home alongside a friend and get involved in an accident. So, these activities are to be abstained from when high. Also, another way not to harm other people when high is by avoiding arguments and quarrels as you might not hesitate to pick a fight due to your current state.

Certain times, after smoking cannabis, the body tends to exhibit some complications and one who does not understand what these complications are might begin to panic. But do not click the panic button yet as there are remedies to virtually all? But first, let’s look at common complications that may occur after smoking cannabis:

  • No sleep
  • Being Restless
  • Can’t think straight
  • The loose grip of oneself
  • Transient memory issues
  • Serious tension, including dread that one is being watched or pursued (distrustfulness)
  • Strange conduct, seeing, hearing or smelling things that aren’t there, not having the capacity to tell imaginary ability from the real world (psychosis
  • Panic
  • Mental trips
  • Loss of feeling of individual character
  • Brought down response time
  • Expanded pulse
  • Issues with coordination (sapping safe driving or playing sports)

But on the other hand, how can one regain consciousness after smoking? Well there are some common but yet efficient ways to get back to life after smoking and they are:

  • Eating a healthy meal
  • Engage in exercise
  • Hot drenching showers can help the feelings just as the body.
  • Drink a lot of water and clear fluids, much the same as for flu.
  • Extremely sweating can drain the assemblage of potassium, a fundamental mineral. A couple of sustenance highs in potassium are melons, bananas, citrus organic products, green leafy vegetables, and tomatoes.
  • Exercise not just helps despondency and other undesirable feelings; it enables the body to accelerate the recuperating procedure.

At this point, one might begin to wonder whether there are any advantages that come with smoking cannabis. Basically, smoking cannabis at a moderate level can help you get to know yourself better by:

  • Increasing your level of creativity
  • Decreasing anxiety and depression
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Helping treat serious addictions
  • Helping with speech problems (especially for stutterers)
  • Helping you get through the work day and make you more productive

In summary, smoking cannabis can be a lot more help to the body and also, society only if taken in moderate quantity.

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