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Echo Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned and rapidly growing specialized pharmaceutical company based in The Netherlands, founded in 2006. Its mission is to develop effective medicines, with a focus on cannabinoid-based compounds, and drug delivery technologies that contribute to better the quality of life for a wide range of patients. In 2009, they established headquarters and clinical research center in Nijmegen, which is situated in an area of the Netherlands well-known for its ideal environment for businesses in life sciences and health.

Over the years, Echo has developed outstanding proprietary knowledge and extensive expertise in the field of isolation, formulation and clinical development that have led to successful drug- and delivery technology development programs. Echo Pharmaceuticals has a cGMP certified production and pharmaceutical development center in Weesp, The Netherlands.

Main expertise of Echo pharmaceuticals lies in:


Identification and isolation of API’s & development of market-ready medicines

Echo is specialized in the isolation of API’s, with a specific focus on cannabinoids. This has led to an interesting variety of development programs, including its leading program for Namisol®, the world’s first oral tablet which contains the pure, natural active ingredient delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (?9-THC). Echo is currently performing clinical trials with Namisol® for various indications.


Development and application of Drug Delivery Technologies

In order to be able to safely and consistently deliver lipophilic API’s, Echo has gained expertise in drug delivery technologies. This research has led to a leading drug development technology called Alitra™, a unique technology enabling significantly improved absorption and bioavailability for poor water soluble active compounds.


Supplying natural cannabinoids for R&D purposes

Echo is a recognized supplier of a wide range of high quality for research and development purposes all around the globe. Cannabinoid standards are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that guarantees the high quality of the products.

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