The Best Indica Strains of 2023

Let’s face it – finding an indica weed strain that works with you can be tricky. If you’re an indica lover, you may be on the hunt for the best indica strains of 2022. You’re in luck because you’ve come to just the right place. You’ll find the complete guide to the best indica strains of 2022 below. From strains that have been around for years to strains that are new to the cannabis scene.

Whether you are a newbie to cannabis, or you have been consuming cannabis for decades, this article will help you find your new favorite indica strain. Keep reading the strain guide of the best indica strains to find out more info!

What are Indica strains?

An indica marijuana strain is a type of strain that is mainly used to treat health conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. When you consume an indica, the effects are mainly felt in the body. Indicas are known to cause sedation, aka “couch lock”. If you are ever googling a strain, you’ll be able to find the ratio of indica to sativa. While 100% pure indicas are out there, most indicas will have a ratio of 80/20 or 70/30.

It’s wisest to not consume an indica during the day due to the sedative feeling that persists after the comedown. The best time to consume an indica marijuana strain is during the late afternoon/evening hours. Also, be prepared to get hungry. Nothing makes you quite as hungry as an indica does.

Looking to unwind after a long, stressful day at work or being a homemaker? An indica will be the perfect tool to chill out at the end of the day. There’s nothing like a nice bowl or joint of a good indica strain and a movie.

The Difference Between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid

Cannabis strains is usually classified as either sativa, indica, or hybrid. There are major differences between sativas, indicas, and hybrid cannabis strains. These key differences can be noted below. The best type of strain for you will be based on personal preference and whether you are using cannabis recreationally (to have fun) or medicinally (for physical or mental health conditions).


  • Sativa is a tall, thin plant with long, narrow leaves.
  • It’s more energizing and cerebral.
  • It can also produce a much higher level of THC than indica.
  • Sativa strains are best for daytime use because they energize and uplift. They can also be used as a treatment for depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, and nausea.


  • Indica plants are short and bushy with wide leaves that grow close to the ground. Indicas have wider leaves than sativas because they grow in colder climates where sunlight is less abundant.
  • They have a strong body that is relaxing and sedating, making them perfect for nighttime use or as a sleep aid.
  • They can also help relieve pain and depression, but they have a much lower THC content than sativas.
  • Indicas are best for relaxing nighttime use or as a sleep aid.


  • Hybrid strains are created by breeding indica and sativa plants together to create a strain that is balanced between the effects of each.
  • Hybrids are often used in the daytime or evening.

Top 10 Indica Marijuana Strains of 2022

Indica strains are a great option for those looking to treat chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. There are various types of indica strains available ranging from “heavy-hitting” indicas like Afghan Kush or Hindu Kush to “relaxing” indicas like Northern Lights and White Widow.

There are even more indica strains being created as we speak. It’s never been a better time to smoke pot.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Review

Granddaddy Purple Kush, or GDP, is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain with a pungent grape aroma. The average THC range for GDP is around 20% with CBD levels of about 0.2%. GDP is a great choice for newbies and experienced growers alike due to its ease of growth, heavy yields, and powerful effects. This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Mendocino Purps and Big Bud strains.

Granddaddy Purple is a popular strain for sleep, relaxation, and appetite stimulation. It carries a sweet berry flavor with hints of grape. The effects can be felt within 30 minutes of consumption and last 3-4 hours. The dominant terpenes in Granddaddy Purple are beta-caryophyllene and myrcene which are responsible for relaxation.

Growing Granddaddy Purple cannabis seeds are easy and yield high-quality flowers in just 65 days from germination. This strain can be grown outdoors but the buds will need to be harvested before the end of September so it doesn’t get too cold. The common Granddaddy Purple weed price is $10-$15 per gram.

Cherry Pie Strain Review

Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between the popular parent strains Cherry Kush and White Widow. This indica-leaning plant has a sweet, earthy flavor that many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy. This strain is good for people who are looking for relief from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

Growing your own Cherry Pie is a great way to get high on your own supply. Currently, there are no Cherry Pie cannabis seeds available. This strain is clone-only. Interested growers can start the process in either soil or hydroponics. They will need to maintain proper pH levels and nutrient concentrations, as well as regulate the temperature for optimal growth.

Cherry Pie is a moderately difficult plant to grow, requiring 8-9 weeks of flowering time. Cherry Pie cannabis plants have moderate-high yields and buds do well in warm environments between 70°F and 80°F that are free of humidity (40%-50%). The Cherry Pie weed price will cost between seven to 15 dollars a gram.

Bubba Kush Strain Review

Bubba Kush is a strong Indica that originated from Colorado. It is a cross between three popular strains: Hindu Kush, OG Kush, and Purple Afghani. Its dark green leaves are layered with heavy trichomes and a sweet citrus aroma.

Bubba Kush produces a heavy-bodied relaxation and euphoria. The strain is named after the character Bubba from “Forrest Gump” and was originally said to be grown by him. Bubba Kush is easy to grow no matter the environment. It produces the highest yields in a hydroponic setting and is resistant to most common diseases and molds.

Bubba Kush cannabis seeds usually take between 8-9 weeks to flower. When grown indoors, it will produce medium-sized buds that pack an average yield of about 15 ounces per plant. Ideally, the harvest of Bubba Kush is usually around the end of October. It can produce around 20 ounces per plant. The ideal environment for this strain is warm, dry spring time and it can also grow in slightly cooler settings as well. Bubba Kush weed price can not be called one of the cheapest. It varies from $12 to $19 per gram ( modest and best quality). That is due to effect – Bubba Kush is the most sedative strain.

Wedding Cake Strain Review

There are many strains of marijuana that are named after desserts, such as Wedding Cake, which is an indica-dominant cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The flavor profile of Wedding Cake is typically sweet, with the strength being mild to medium. Wedding Cake is also a good medicinal strain of cannabis. The strain has the ability to make one feel less stressed or anxious while being able to stay calm and collected at the same time.

Some people may feel as though their body becomes heavy, with a pleasant feeling and warm flush. Still, they’ll still be able to experience their surroundings. Depending on the person, they may start to feel heavy and euphoric around 2 or 3 bowls. Edibles of Wedding Cake will hit faster. Wedding Cake has a THC content of 18%. The aroma is typically earthy and sweet. Some users say that Wedding Cake has a fruity flavor as well.

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds will grow well indoors or out with adequate experience. It may require a tent lined with reflective material and a high-density discharge lamp, but has proven to do well under these circumstances.It’s crucial for the lights to reach all parts of this plant, which can grow quite tall and may have a bushy appearance at times. This is due to their indica genetics. Wedding Cake weed price per ounce starts from $20.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies is a potent indica hybrid that can deliver a knockout punch to even the most seasoned of users. The effects of this strain start with an uplifted, euphoric feeling and gradually progress into a strong sense of relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies has very high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, making it a particularly potent strain. As one of the most popular Indica strains of all time, GSC is one for the books.

Girl Scout Cookies have a short to medium height plant with sturdy branches and bright green leaves. When grown in cooler climates, they create a purple bud that is dense and covered in beautiful trichomes. This strain is resistant to pests and mildew and can grow into a bountiful harvest indoors without any issues. You can expect indoor GSC to mature in about 9 to 10 weeks, and yields an average of about 10 ounces per square meter, depending on its environment.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds that are grown outdoors need warmth, sun, and a lot of fresh air to grow. The climate for GSC is best in warmer climates with a lower humidity level, around 60%. Harvesting usually starts after mid-October and the yield is expected to be an average of 10oz per plant.  Girl Scout Cookies weed price is not extraordinary – $13 per gram.

Northern Lights Strain Review

Northern Lights is an Indica marijuana strain that has won many awards. This strain provides all the typical effects of a strong indica: mind-body relaxation, a euphoric body high, heightened appetite, and sedation. It is ideal for those looking to find relief from physical and/or mental pain.

This Indica hybrid is a cross between Afghani and Thai. This strain has a THC content of about 18-28% on average. This is a fast-growing strain, perfect for a variety of growing methods. This strain is well suited for the Sea of Green (SOG) method and grows best in hydroponic or soil-based environments.

Northern Lights cannabis seeds have a growing time of  6-7 weeks with a high yield. It’s better to grow this strain during long summer seasons and warm, sunny climates between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Northern Light is a great choice for indoor growers. Northern Lights Strain weed price is very affordable – from $10 to $12 per 1 g.

Blue Cheese Strain Review

Blue Cheese is an award-winning Indica-dominant cannabis strain that tastes and smells like blue cheese with sweet, herbal undertones. Blue Cheese was a hybridized by DJ Short as a crossbreed of his famous strains, Blueberry and Cheese.

The medicinal effects of this strain are similar to somebody wrapping your entire body in a hot blanket fresh out of the dryer. This intense, tingly relaxation will cause the infamous couch-lock that most indicas have. There is not a single bit of tension left in your body after smoking Blue Cheese, one of the reasons why it remains one of the widely used Indica strains around. If you suffer from being able to relax and unplug in the evenings, Blue Cheese is one indica strain you have to try at least once.

Luckily for growers, Blue Cheese cannabis seeds are simple and quite easy to grow. If you are new to growing, Blue Cheese is a perfect choice. When growing Blue Cheese seeds, growers can expect amazing results both indoor and outdoor. Blue Cheese that is grown indoors has a quick flowering time of 7-8 weeks maximum. Plants grown outdoors can only grow up to 2m and are ready for harvesting in late September. You can expect a yield that is more than enough for a personal stash. Blue Cheese weed price is medium – $12.50 per 1g.

Hindu Kush Strain Review

The Hindu Kush cannabis strain is an indica that has gained the attention of stoners everywhere. The name derives its name from the mountain range spanning the northeastern border of Pakistan and the northwestern border of Afghanistan. The strain was first cultivated in the Hindu Kush region and became an instant hit among cannabis connoisseurs.

It has a rich, earthy flavor and can be used to treat insomnia or chronic pain. Hindu Kush is 100% pure Indica, so it’s extremely potent and has an effect that lasts for several hours. The effects of Hindu Kush can be compared to taking a sleeping aid, due to the fact this strain will make the user feel heavily sedated and relaxed.

Hindu Kush cannabis seeds can grow pretty much anywhere as long as it is warm enough. Outdoors, it will look for a climate similar to its native one, but given space and light, the plant can grow big as well. This strain is ready to harvest in 7-8 weeks and can produce up to 14 ounces per square meter. Hindu Kush seeds prefer warm outdoor climates and should be ready for harvesting around late September to early October. Hindu Kush weed price can be called one of the cheapest – just $3 per 1 g.

Private Reserve OG Strain Review

Private Reserve OG, AKA “OG #18” or “Reserve OG”, is a potent indica; it is known for providing an intensely calming and sedating effect. Private Reserve OG is a phenotype of another popular indica, OG Kush. The aroma has a sweet lemon and pine flavor with hints of acrid earth. This strain is powerful and can provide a very strong, stony high. Private Reserve OG was the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup twice, once in 2009 and once in 2010.

Private Reserve OG is a creeper strain first and foremost. After taking a few puffs, you’ll feel euphoric and deeply relaxed.  It’s the perfect strain to smoke before bedtime. Smoking this strain for some people provides treatment for their headaches and at times, migraines. Private Reserve OG has shown to be effective in treating nausea and depression in some cases as well.

This cannabis plant can be grown indoors or outdoors but will flower faster and produce more if grown in the ground. It’s fairly easy to grow and produces high yields. Private Reserve OG cannabis seeds are available for sale at most dispensaries. Private Reserve weed price is $10 per 1g.

White Tahoe Cookies Strain Review

White Tahoe Cookies is a hybrid strain of marijuana that offers energetic and euphoric effects. Its parent strains are White Widow and Durban Poison, both of which provide powerful cerebral highs. This strain has a heavy, slightly spicy aroma that’s interspersed with sour and floral notes. The smoke has a sweet flavor with an earthy undertone.

White Tahoe Cookies provide a very fast and intense high that starts almost immediately. You will experience euphoria as your mind is flooded with creative thoughts. As you become more relaxed, you’ll start to feel a body buzz that leaves you tingly and giggly.

When growing White Tahoe Cookies cannabis seeds, you can expect a moderate amount of difficulty. It’s best to grow this strain in soil. White Tahoe Cookies have a flowering time of 60 days. When growing outdoors, harvest time should be around late September. You can expect a medium height and yield for both indoor and outdoor growing environments. White Tahoe Cookies weed price is affordable even for college students – $3 per 1 g.

And The Award Goes To…

Most Powerful  Northern Lights, Hindu Kush
Highly Rated  Granddaddy Purple
Safest for Newbies Girl Scout Cookies
Long Lasting Hindu Kush

How To Find A New Indica Strain

Finding a strain that you can’t get enough of can be tough. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid trying new strains. It’s always a good time to find a new strain that fits your energy level and needs better than the one you are currently using.

Indica strains have a relaxing quality that can help relieve stress and chronic pain. It’s important to research the strain that you are interested in before buying. Find out its genetic lineage, look at pictures of the buds, read customer reviews and overall decide if that specific strain is right for you.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the dominant terpenes in each strain. Some plants are known to produce high amounts of terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that give plants their distinct scents and flavors. Terpenes ultimately guide you on how a strain will affect you. For example, if a strain is dominant in limonene you can expect mood-boosting effects.

You should already know what kind of effects you are looking to experience. All you have to do is find a strain that gives you the complete experience that you’re looking for.

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