Marijuana Grape Ape Strain Review

Strain name info: Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

Our Overall Rating:  4.5 / Best known for:  Tastes of Grape

Positive Effects  cannabis Grape Ape strain effects
Origins and histories Grape Ape marijuana type:

Grape Ape weed is a hybrid of three notable weed varieties. These are:

  • Skunk #1
  • Mendocino Purps
  • Afghani Indica
Fragrances, Tastes The Grape Ape strain has an unmistakable grape taste and look. This includes flavors and fragrances of fruitiness, sweetness, lavender, tropical, flowers, spiciness, and skunky.
Can Help Treat Grape Ape buds can help treat many muscular aches and pains throughout the body. It can also ameliorate conditions like anxiety, depression, ADD, and ADHD. Grape Ape weed is an Indica which can be used for nausea, lack of appetite, and insomnia.
THC Content:

15% to 23%

Grape Ape has THC content of 15% to 23%.
Yields for indoor and outdoor harvest Grape Ape marijuana plants are prolific in yield. Indoors, you can expect a yield of 16 ounces per meter squared. Outdoors you will get a whopping 28 ounces of delicious cannabis per plant.
Flowering time Grape Ape cannabis plants will be prepared to flower in seven to eight weeks.
Genetic  Grape Ape weed strain genetics
Harvest Grape Ape cannabis plants will be ready for harvest in the early days of October.
Disease resistance Grape Ape cannabis is a naturally healthy plant, resistant to fungus, mold, mildew, insects, mechanical damage, plant viruses, and bacteria.
Plant Height Grape Ape weed is a short, bushy plant which may require trimming to be sure all the leaves get appropriate sunlight.
Type Auto-flowering strain
Adverse effects Grape Ape marijuana strains have relatively few side effects taken medicinally. The most frequent side effect is the anticholinergic side effect of dry mouth also known as cotton mouth.
Growing difficulty Growing Grape Ape plants is of an easy to medium level of difficulty. You will need some basic gardening skills and a lot of patience. This gourmet breed grows well indoors and outdoors.

marijuana Grape Ape strain

Origins, Genetics, History

Grape Ape weed is descended from:

  • Skunk #1
  • Mendocino Purps
  • Afghani Indica

Apothecary Genetics is one of the medical marijuana farm/labs which have helped to spread this variety. It is also associated with Barney’s Farm. It took some time and tampering to produce a Frankenstein of a hybrid, that looks, smells, and tastes like a delicious purple grape, and yet is packed with frosty trichomes packing a heavy dose of cannabinoids like THC.

Appearance and Smell

The Grape Ape plants are bushy and short. Its leaves are tightly bundled and abundant and are dark purple. They smell of grape, lavender, fruity, earthiness, sweetness, oaky, flowery, and spicy. Its sharp grape fragrance is the hallmark of its popularity. Its dark purple appearance, with orange hairs, and thick-white frosting make it a delicious plant to look at and smell, a delight to sniff before smoking.

grow Grape Ape weed strain

How to Grow Grape Ape Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Grape Ape cannabis seeds or from cuttings is of an easy to medium level of difficulty. You may need some basic gardening skills. The Grape Ape marijuana is a short, bushy plant. It will need some trimming so that all the leaves get appropriate sunlight. It needs persistent airflow, lots of sun, and a warm but not hot environment. Humidity needs to be kept at 50%. This plant will give excellent yields when cultivated with care. This can be done indoors in a carefully controlled environment. Cultivated indoors, the plant will need 8 weeks to flower and be ready for a harvest. It will yield around 15 ounces per meter squared of yummy grape goodness.

Outside, you will need a sunny environment with balanced levels of humidity and sufficient airflow. Harvest will be around the month of October, and you will be rewarded with up to 28 ounces of powerful and profitable cannabis per plant.

Medicinal Marijuana Review

Grape Ape is becoming a popular medical strain. A strong Indica with up to 23% THC levels, Grape Ape cannabis really shines as a treatment for pain that is chronic and relentless. Conditions that respond well to treatment with Grape Ape weed include muscle pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, and other forms of muscle pain. Pain in the joints such as in arthritis may also be alleviated with Grape Ape Weed.

Grape Ape weed can also shine as a treatment for neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is when the nerves become damaged or malfunction creating an incessant pain signal. This happens in conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, phantom limb pain, and shingles. Grape Ape marijuana and other varieties have shown great promise in alleviating the constant burning pain many patients feel who have neuropathic pathologies.

Grape Ape bud is a strong relaxant. This may be helpful in conditions like anxiety and depression. The anxious person can get hours of relief from using this weed by smoking, vaping, edibles, or tinctures. The anxiety will dissolve in the wave of heavy relaxation that washes over the entire mind and body. Similarly, in depression, the depressive thoughts will be shut off by the blanket of comfortable warmth that Grape Ape weed will cover you in. In conditions like ADD and ADHD, Grape Ape weed can provide relief from psychomotor agitation, the inability to sit still, and the experience of pain when trying to sit still.

Grape Ape cannabis is a potent nausea-killer. First off, the grape taste will fill the taste buds with a desire to eat. Then as the tokes reach the brain, they block signals that make you feel nauseated. Because you can smoke it, there’s no danger of regurgitating the medication. Grape Ape weed can be a life-saver in conditions of intractable nausea such as in Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, a condition sometimes related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and dysautonomia conditions like Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

The grape Ape pot will increase appetite and bring on the munchies. This effect can be a life-saver medically. Patients with wasting conditions such as HIV and AIDS, often have no appetite due to the effects of the disease or the medication. They are unable to eat or keep anything down, and they become incredibly thin and their chances of survival plummet. Marijuana treatments such as Grape Ape weed is well known to induce appetite in this patient population, allow them to eat and put on weight, greatly increasing their chances of survival. The same is true of wasting caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer.

Grape Ape weed is a heavy-hitter when it comes to knocking down insomnia. Many conditions, including chronic stress, can make it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Grape Ape, with its heavy Indica-based relaxation, will put you to sleep effectively and will be long-lasting in its efficiency.

cannabis Grape Ape strain

Grape Ape Weed Price

Vendor: Nectar – Mississippi
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Grape Ape (Green Health Farms)
Eighth – $ 30 USD
Quarter – $ 59 USD
Half – $ 110 USD
Ounce – $ 199 USD
Vendor: Jayne
Portland, Oregon, USA
Strain name: Grape Ape
Gram – $ 14 USD
Eighth – $ 45 USD
Quarter – $ 85 USD
Half – $ 160 USD
Ounce – $ 310 USD


Grape Ape weed is a strong Indica. Firstly, you will notice its delicious grape taste. It is fruity, deep purple-grape, and fresh tasting. Grape Ape is renowned for this deep, delicious taste. The smoke is smooth and won’t irritate the throat. THC levels can rise to 23 percent, so toke slowly. Let the smoke fill your lungs and the head high and relaxation will wash over you and enclose you in a cocoon of warmth and protection.

Grape Ape weed has mostly a strong, Indica, relaxation effect. Sufficient doses will absolutely give you couch lock, sticking you to the couch. The relaxation may be good for a lazy way to wind down after work, with friends, family, or a romantic partner. Once the couchlock sets in, you will not be able to get much work done, but you can have an enjoyable time and make some happy memories. You will want to watch movies or have conversations with friends. You can use this weed to draw closer to and be more comfortable with your romantic partner.

This strain, like many relaxing strains, will give you the munchies. You will want to have something ready to eat. It’s a good idea to make some healthy choices, but something heavy enough to satiate the considerable hunger you may experience. Some fruit and vegetables with whole grain bread and cereals with some fatty fish are good choices. You want to eat as lean as possible when you have the munchies because you may end up eating a lot more than usual. Your food will taste extra-delicious after you have enjoyed Grape Ape marijuana as the marijuana will get rid of any discomforts around eating while at the same time enhancing your ability to enjoy the tastes that are filling your mouth and stomach.

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Grape Ape Marijuana Strain
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Emma

You come home, change your clothes to the most comfortable hoody and sweatpants you have, reach for your little precious and take a bowl. Within the first minute (if not 30 seconds) you forget about your work, problems, unnecessary worries and just sink. Trying to fight the desire to stay in the supine position, I finally get up and then enjoy walking around my house. There's no dizziness, but everything around is just kinda fun. When I get bored of that, I return to being couch locked and delve deep into my thoughts trying to concentrate on them all but not on every single one. Once I decided it would be great to go and get my journal to write them down. I hesitated for a minute, cause let's face the truth: I was just high and nothing in my head could have any sense. Anyway, I wrote them down. Reading it right now I must say it's totally illegible and the high-logic-me was 100% right.

 by John

The more Indica strains I get to know, the biggest my love towards indica in general! But this one is my absolute favorite. It has an incredibly strong skunk and berry smell that if not stored properly, will quickly dank up everything. It smells the best when it's burned or vaped, smoke then has a very pleasant sweet berry smell. Reminds me of grape saltwater taffy on inhale. The effects are all the best. Extremely relaxing both body and mental high, almost like when being sedated minus the knotted mind. I mostly use it for Hypervigilance symptoms and especially the decreased appetite. Great munchies, I must say. It also gives you this super nice and happy feeling like you're walking on sunshine and you know everything's gonna be ok. It'll greatly help with ptsd or similar symptoms. Newbies must use it carefully and pay attention to the fact, that this one is rather strong and might give you severe couch lock, so be ready to take a nap. But it hits very smooth and veteran smokers won't even notice anything. Overall, 10/10 strain, must try for the Indica connoisseurs.

 by Mason

Gosh, Grape Ape is a WILD animal! Maybe it takes some more time (about 5-10 minutes) than usual for the effects to come, but the head relaxation after that is worth waiting even longer. 5 minutes later you can already feel it being spread all over your body, such a nice feeling! At least those buds I grinded and smoked were top shelf. I'm pretty sure that the credit goes to the proper way of growing, flushing, drying and trimming. The local dispensary here in Michigan is doing really great. Thanks to them these buds are full of the most beautiful berry and grape smell. But the smoke coming out of my bubbler was too good, too smooth and tasty for me to stop. Anybody who needs to relax and unwind after a stressful day will enjoy Ga. I use Indicas mostly at nighttime, and this one is not an exception. In my opinion, this is the best medication for better sleep AND repairing my body. There's no better choice for those, struggling with insomnia like myself. In addition to this, people suffering from anxiety when smoking cannabis don't have to worry as this 75% Indica is fully safe. Just not take too much or you'll need to get to your bed as fast as you can, if you don't want to fall asleep on the floor:)

 by Julie

If you’re a fan of indica, I recommend this one. Grape Ape weed is very smooth, and can quickly sooth and relax. I smoked it several times and the last one was actually pretty special because it was a late afternoon session with a couple of friends of mine who just visited Hawaii. They came by to tell me about the trip but we ended up having a high so heavy, we forgot about it!! Nice relaxing experience and a great sleep afterward.

 by Paolo

Grape Ape strain has a special meaning to me because I smoked it as a first year student and had some great memories if you know what I mean. After college I didn’t smoke weed for many years but I now I have to because of my extremely stressful job. So, when I saw it in the dispensary I knew I had to get it and re-live some of those college experiences. The effect? Oh man I totally forgot how strong and long lasting effect is! Amazing feeling. Plus I like the high THC level…

 by Drake

Are you looking to spend two hours zoning out on your coaching, watching a Discovery Documentary and imagining what it’s like to be the world’s leading scientist? Because that’s what I did after hitting Grape Ape cannabis! There was this thing about discovering new planets outside our Solar System and I had a blast just watching it… I imagined how wonderful it would be to find a new planet and naming it after this weed because it was so inspiring yet relaxing… After I was done, the scientist in me had to go to the kitchen and eat something because the pot made me one peaceful but hungry dude.

 by Keira

I don’t know why but this Grape Ape marijuana made so sleepy I couldn’t even last an hour after smoking. It’s not that I’m complaining and stuff, but I still was looking forward to enjoying its effects… Would probably recommend this weed to those looking to get some quality sleep.

 by Ed

Grape Ape was the first weed that didn’t leave me incapacitated. Also, the high was pretty powerful yet not potent enough to lock me to the couch for good! I guess it’s my tolerance… Loved the strong, fruity smell, too. Perfect one to keep me relaxed after a day at work.

 by Liana

Okay, the experience. I would say that this pot has a high that mounts very slowly and leads to a weighty feeling in the head and limbs. For some reason I expected it to stimulate some quick thoughts from the beginning, but instead I felt a strong physical relaxation and a full-body stone. Literally, I was a stone lying on my couch because I couldn’t even get to the TV remote.

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