American Shaman CBD Review

Our Rating: C. Great products and innovative science. We give them a C, pending the availability of third-party labs and testing of the new technology.
American Shaman makes products where the main component is CBD or cannabidiol. Their products focus on providing stress relief for those with chronic conditions. These products are also used to improve wellness and beauty for the user and their pets. Products include Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Replenishing Face Cream, and even Canine CBD hemp oil tincture. Their website has options to invest or become an affiliate, but they are not overly focused on marketing alone like MLM companies. They are also focused on selling to consumers. They place special emphasis on their proprietary nanotechnology and their ultra-concentrated terpenes.
CBD american shaman
American Shaman claims its products are legal everywhere in the United States. Many companies make this claim and it is somewhat controversial. The reality is, it is very rare that you can be prosecuted for having a CBD product, but it does happen. It can happen if the product has more than 0.3% THC, or if possession of the products breaks any laws about the possession, selling, or growing of either marijuana or even industrial hemp. Recall, the first anti-marijuana laws were highly focused on industrial hemp used to make fiber for paper and clothing. All products are claimed to be fully organic and free of influences from pesticides or GMOs.

American Shaman hemp oil

Is its CBD oil? Yes. It is both CBD oil and hemp oil.
Old, the trusted company? Unknown.
Contains verified therapeutic levels of CBD? No. Waiting on 3rd party verification.
Sourced in the United States? No.
Sourced in Europe? Yes. Norway.
Certified Organic in the US? Unknown.
Certified Organic by the European Commission? Unknown.
Did the lab test in the United States? Unknown.
3rd Party Testing? Not available.
Do they tell what percentage CBD in a product? Yes.
CO2 extracted? Yes.
GMO-free? Yes.
Pesticide-free? Yes.
Functional Website? Yes. High function.
Memberships National Hemp Association

Based on these questions, American Shaman gets a C, pending the posting of accessible 3rd party labs and verifying that their nanotechnology works.

American Shaman claims to be involved in philanthropy and to have a focus on ethical business practices, making their products more accessible to those in need. On their site, the skirt dangerously close to making claims that their products may treat a disease, but they are not over-explicit. The issue with this is that the FDA may charge them with producing a pharmaceutical drug and selling it unregulated. One video on the site says something to the effect of, “many people say hemp oils may help with anxiety, stress, cancer, opioid withdrawal…”  This is fine in our book. In the United States, constitutionally, it is not the government’s function to imprison citizens according to which natural food substances they use. Hemp is and has been a staple in civilizations for thousands of years. For a powerful entity like the United States government to block access to this most useful plant to American citizens is unconstitutional and illegal. However, American Shaman should tread far more carefully, because the FDA has morphed into a bureaucratic monster and it will keep doing what it does, tightly controlled by business interests. Another video says, “CBD oil: Changing the Face of Medicine.”  Really sounds like they are just asking for trouble. But who knows, maybe they have friends in the FDA.

The selling points on the site touts CBD as a solution for the relief of anxiety. Many studies back this up and also ‘anxiety’ is a non-ailment specific term and therefore not a medical condition, so this is a good claim to make with strong evidence to back it up.

American Shaman also makes a good case for the use of CBD in pets. We forget that many of the early studies showing the effectiveness of CBD were done on animals. Dogs and cats can get seizures, cancers, anxiety disorders, and all of these have shown some response to cannabidiol in studies.

cbd terpene rich hemp oil tincture

Figure 1.

  • Stress reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Improving focus
  • All Natural
  • Great taste
  • Money-back guarantee

American Shaman Hemp oil uses nanotechnology to increase the bioavailability of its CBD. They claim this makes their products 9 times more bioavailable, meaning it absorbs better in the system and blood levels are higher than with other products and this will increase the effectiveness. Also, the cannabidiol is extracted by CO2 extraction, a process considered to be particularly safe and effective. American Shaman provides discounts to buyers with chronic conditions, former military, and the indigent. They allow 35 days for returns.

  • Proprietary Nanotechnology

American Shaman claims to have a process of breaking CBD isolate down to nanoparticles that cover far more surface area than a larger particle. This makes it more absorbable and more effective. This approach has not yet been studied but it is a very promising avenue of scientific tinkering with the cannabidiol molecule.

Lab Analyses

American Shaman certificate

American Shaman CBD uses its own lab to test its products. You wouldn’t trust a student who grades his own paper, would you?  We have to advise caution about these products until American Shaman can produce 3rd party labs.

American Shaman prices and products

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, dissolvable in water

American Shaman claims this form of CBD oil which can be dissolved in water and is as much as ten times more absorbable than traditional CBD Hemp oil.


VG Cloud Tincture – CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil

This tincture can be taken under the tongue. It delivers a dose of cannabidiol with few extras. This is a good way to get your daily dose with no irritating inactive ingredients.


Hydrating Body Lotion Ultra Concentrated Terpene Rich Hemp Oil

This lotion contains Ultra Concentrated Terpene Rich Hemp Oil. It is non-sticky and not oily. It is made to help enrich the skin and make it glowing and radiant.


Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture

This is a hemp oil product with large concentrations of terpenes meant to be taken underneath the tongue.


Lip Revitalizer

This lip balm is enriched with hemp terpenes.


 CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Candy

This hemp candy is enriched with cannabidiol. 8 candies contain 25 milligrams of cannabidiol. Flavors include watermelon and mint.


Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

This product contains MCTs from coconut oil, CBD terpene hemp oil, and cheese and beef flavor. There is 300 mg per bottle. Pets will like the protein-like taste.


Concentrated Hemp Oil Capsules

These capsules contain 375 mg of hemp oil and 15 mg of CBD. This is an easy way to count your CBD dose.


CBD Gummies

These gummies are made in multiple flavors and contain 10 mg of CBD.


Sample Pack Of Gummies

Pack of 10 gummies which demonstrates all the flavors.


Replenishing Face Cream

This is a face cream with CBD and hemp oil. It may have the ability to reduce inflammation in the skin.


Terpene Rich Topical Serum (15mL)

This terpene formula is intended to provide a dose of anti-inflammatory terpenes and hemp oil to the bloodstream through the skin. You must leave it on the skin for 15 minutes for it to reach the bloodstream.


Anti-Inflammatory Topical Cream

This cream contains CBD and terpenes which help it to ease the muscular strain.



These cookies have 10 mg of CBD per cookie.


Under-Eye Serum

This serum has a roller ball to apply CBD cream under the eyes. It contains a total of 300 mg of CBD per bottle.


 CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble

This is the famous terpene-rich Hemp oil with CBD, soluble in water through nanotechnology. There is 30 mg of CBD per 1 mL dropper.


 Terpene Rich Topical Serum Sample Size (5mL)

This topical serum contains CBD and terpenes. Apply to the skin and leave on for 15 mins to allow it to absorb into the blood-stream.


Feline CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

This tincture packs 300 mg of CBD into a tincture which tastes of seafood and catnip for feline customers.


CBD And Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Water Soluble

This is American Shaman’s proprietary hemp oil. This formula is for use on your pet friends.


What are the Main Ingredients for American Shaman Products?

CBD And Terpene Rich Hemp Oil, Water Soluble

This is the main ingredient of American Shaman products. It is hemp oil made into smaller balls of CBD to cover more surface area and be more bioavailable to the gut, under the tongue, or on the skin.

How to Use


No vape products. Again, this is a good thing because most of the time, serious companies don’t make vape products because they are not yet proven effective. Rarely a company makes a good vape product.


American Shaman makes edibles based on their proprietary, nanotech American Shaman CBD terpenes hemp oil.


American Shaman CBD terpenes hemp oil drops can be used sublingually.

Topical application

American Shaman has creams and serums which can be applied topically to improve the skin or to absorb through the skin and enter the bloodstream to activate centrally-mediated anti-inflammatory effects.


American Shaman CBD terpene-rich oil is a tincture that can be applied under the tongue.


American Shaman Naturals Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, water-soluble

This product should be added to a cup of water and allowed to dissolve. This increases the surface area for the nano-sized CBD particles.

Dosages are based on a 1 mL dropper. A dropper holds 10 Mg of CBD.

Therefore, a typical beginning dose for anxiety may be about 40 mg or four droppers in divided doses.

For chronic pain, you might take 20 mg per day or 2 droppers.

For non-medical anxiety in people who have epilepsy, up to 300 mg or 30 droppers in divided doses throughout the day.

For the inability to sleep well at night, 4 droppers, or 40 mg before bedtime daily.

For stress and tension in a person who has Huntington’s disease, 10 mg per kilogram of body weight, or one dropper per kilogram of body weight.

For stress and tension in a person who has schizophrenia, up to 1,280 mg or 128 droppers per day.

For anxiety in a person suffering from glaucoma, absolutely no more than 40 mg or 4 droppers per day. Higher doses can worsen symptoms.
American Shaman dosage recommendations

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

American Shaman

4004 W. Central

Wichita, KS

+ 1-855-427-7386

Pros and cons

Pros of American Shaman CBD Oil
  • Uses a new nanotechnology approach which may improve absorption
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Non-addictive
  • No pesticides
  • Natural
  • Has gummies with adequate CBD levels
  • Contains terpenoids
  • Contains MCT oil, a healthy fat
  • Contains hemp oil with healthy fatty acids
  • Contains CBD, small amounts of THC, and other cannabinoids
  • Can be used sublingually
  • Can be taken topically
  • Can be added to food
  • Balances the endocannabinoid system
Cons of American Shaman CBD products
  • 3rd party labs not available on the website
  • Proprietary nanotechnology has not been confirmed to increase absorption scientifically
  • Address and employees not transparently referenced on the website
  • There is some focus on affiliate and marketing issues, meaning they could be approaching MLM scam type business processes if not careful

 American Shaman CBD Oil reviews

Review Rating: C.  “it didn’t help me…”

American Shaman CBD Oil review C

This user did not find American Shaman CBD effective but said that others had.

Review Rating: B. “We just qualified…”

American Shaman CBD Oil review B

This user is excited to have qualified for discounts but does not yet review the product.

Review Rating: B. “I really like it.”

American Shaman CBD Oil review

This Facebook user generally likes the product for his son but notices an ingredient like the flavoring might be causing problems.

Review Rating: A. “I work for CBD American Shaman…”

American Shaman CBD Oil review A

This Reddit user claims to work for American Shaman and claims that they do indeed use 3rd party labs. Honestly, this comment is quite creepy and we cannot verify that this person actually works for American Shaman. However, in a blog on the website, it does verify their hemp is sourced from Norway just as this rep claims, which is a minus in our book. Always look for hemp sourced in the United States. The need to troll Reddit groups is a bad sign.

Q&A about American Shaman CBD

  Does American Shaman provide access to their 3rd party labs?
Unfortunately, no. This is a major issue for the credibility of the product.
  What is the proprietary nanotechnology?
American Shaman claims to have found a way to make the CBD isolate crystals much smaller than usual. This allows them to cover more surface area and this theoretically has higher bioavailability.
  How much do I take under the tongue?
Start with a dropper of CBD oil. This should provide 10 mg of CBD.
 Can I overdose on CBD?
There is no known overdose for CBD. As always, check the other ingredients in any product for which you may accidentally use more than recommended.
 Will it affect my work?
American Shaman CBD products contain no CBD and will not affect your working ability. It will reduce pain and anxiety which may improve working ability.
  Will CBD interact with my meds?
You should consult your doctor to eliminate drug interactions. There have not been many reports of adverse drug interactions with CBD.
  Is the big number on the bottle the mg amount per serving?
No, that is the CBD contents of the entire bottle. American Shaman CBD oil has about 10 mg of CBD per 1 mL dropper.
  Is CBD the same as marijuana?
CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, one among as many as 125 identified cannabinoids in industrial hemp.
CBD is not pot, marijuana, hash, weed, or cannabis sativa. American Shaman’s CBD products contain no psychoactive THC, only small amounts of therapeutic THC, with large amounts of therapeutic CBD. Marijuana usually contains THC which is psychoactive, CBD does not.
  What other cannabinoids are found in hemp oil?
Hemp oil may contain over 125 cannabinoids, including:

  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin)
  • THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • CBV (cannabivarin)
  • CBT (cannabicitran)
  • CBN (cannabinol)
  • CBDA (cannabidiolic acid)
  • CBDV (cannabidivarin)
  • CBE (cannabielsoin)
  • CBG (cannabigerol)
  • CBGM (cannabigerol monomethyl ether)
  • CBGV (cannabigerovarin)
  • CBL (cannabicyclol)
  • CBD (cannabidiol)
  • CBCV (cannabichromevarin)
  • CBC (cannabichromene)
 Is it legal?
Yes, with some caveats. CBD and CBDa are legal in most states of the United States as long as it comes along with no more than 0.3% THC. CBD all by itself is pretty much legal everywhere. However, you could still run into legal problems if you have a cop or court which is hell-bent on charging people with violation of marijuana laws or even laws about where you can buy non-psychoactive hemp. This is rare but has happened on occasion.CBD is legal in many countries, including:

  • Argentina,
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Belize,
  • Brazil,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Canada,
  • Chile,
  • China,
  • Colombia,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Croatia,
  • Cyprus,
  • The Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,
  • South Africa,
  • Slovenia,
  • Russia,
  • Romania,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Portugal,
  • Poland,
  • Peru,
  • Paraguay,
  • Norway,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • Netherlands,
  • Netherlands Antilles,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Lithuania,
  • Latvia,
  • Italy,
  • Ireland,
  • India,
  • Iceland,
  • Hungary,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Guatemala,
  • Guam,
  • Greece,
  • Germany,
  • Uruguay
  • S. Virgin Islands,
  • Switzerland,
  • Sweden,
  • Georgia,
  • France,
  • Finland,
  • Estonia.
  Is hemp oil new?
Hemp has been around for at least 12,000 years.
  How does CBD work?
CBD binds to receptors in the central nervous system including endocannabinoid receptors which help modulate the levels of monoamines, perceptions of pleasure and pain, and mood.
  Is CBD psychoactive? Will it make you high?
No, and no.
  Does American Shaman provide 3rd party labs on their website?
No. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate 3rd partly labs.
  What’s the difference between CBD, hemp oil, and hemp extract?
CBD means cannabidiol. It is a single cannabinoid, the second most abundant in marijuana and the most abundant in low THC hemp. Hemp oil is hemp seed oil. It contains healthy fatty acids, but only very low levels of CBD. Hemp extract is hemp oil extracted from the whole plant, standardized for levels of CBD. Unscrupulous companies will try to confuse consumers, passing off hemp seed oil as CBD. American Shaman CBD is a proprietary form of cannabidiol created using nanotechnology.


Grade:  C

Much looks well with American Shaman; however, they have not provided evidence that they have had it confirmed by a third party, so they get a C, pending the availability of the lab reports verifying the levels of CBD in their products.

Another issue is that their CBD is sourced in Norway. Often companies will go to a foreign company, not to get the best CBD, but merely the cheapest. However, this doesn’t matter as long as the plant is strong and healthy, and a 3rd party verifies the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. We don’t quite get that here though there are also a lot of positives. 3rd party labs are a sticking point. There can be no grading one’s own paper.

Also, if they have representatives trolling Reddit groups, that’s kinda creepy. He made the claim there were 3rd party labs but only referred the questioners to their in-house labs. Not good. If they have a good product, they should dispense with the shenanigans and just sell an innovative product with new technology. With companies like Elixinol selling verified levels of CBD, one can cut through the confusion and just get the CBD that is needed. Therefore, one would try American Shaman at your own risk.

Lastly, it is not shown that the so-called nanotechnology leads to higher blood levels of CBD, and I would think that would be an easy experiment to do, but they don’t appear to have done it. These facts, combined with the affiliate marketing and partnership pages lead us to believe American Shaman may not be fully focused on the product.

CBD oil disclaimers (please read, this is important):

General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert and its employees and partners do not represent the medical establishment and our information is not a replacement for your doctor’s advice.

Food and Drug Administration Disclaimer

The use of CBD products with the exception of Epidiolex and Sativex has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

While most CBD products claim to have little to no THC, it is theoretically possible to fail a drug test for THC. This can happen because some CBD products have been tested to have far more THC than represented on the label. Also, CBD is similar in structure to THC.

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