Best Ways to Smoke Hash


As a summary here are main hash smoking methods:

  1. The Sketchy Pole method: suck the smoke through a straw.
  2. The Hot Knives Method: let hash smoke on a knife.
  3. The Glass Tee Pee Method.
  4. With a spliff.
  5. Bottle Hits Method.
  6. Vaporize.
  7. Dab it, with a hot nail.
  8. Hash yogurt.

Hash Smoking Methods

Method Pro Con
  • Sketchy Pole
Easy, cheap Not stylish
  • Hot Knives
Everyone has butter knives Requires dexterity
  • The Glass Tee Pee
Cheap materials Keeping materials balanced
  • Spliff
Familiar Rolling requires experience
  • Bottle hits
Strong hit Cigarette use
  • Vaporize
Cleaner Expensive
  • Dab it
Stylish Choosing the right pipe
  • Hash yogurt
Delicious Takes 45 mins to hit

best way to smoke hash

Figure 1.

The Sketchy Pole Method

Hashish smoking is a centuries-old past time in Europe and the Middle East, but it is catching on all over the world, especially as the medical marijuana movement in America and other places picks up steam. This method is one of the easiest and most hassle-free methods, and possibly the best way to smoke hashish. There are many different ways to smoke hash to get the THC effects, and this one is fool-proof and full-proof. Smoking hash effects changes in the brain and immune system which are therapeutic, just like herbal weed.

So, take a straw, or a hollowed-out ballpoint pen to suck your smoke through. Select a small ball of hash marijuana and put it on the end of a straightened paper clip. Use your lighter to just get the ball smoking easy, and like experienced smokers, slurp up the precious hash cannabis smoke.

The Hot Knives Method

This method is sometimes used with a regular herbal pot or with shatter or hash oil weed concentrates. It’s also an easy method. Simply heat up a stove eye and then heat up two butter knives close to red hot. Now, drop a dot of hash or hashish oil on your knife. Place the second knife on top and use a straw to suck up the potent smoke. As with all users, be careful to do your inhaling away from flames and heat sources, so find a good place to inhale your smoke. Don’t just bend over the stove eye and set yourself aflame.

The Glass Tee Pee Method

For this method, we are going to capture the smoke in an ordinary glass. So, take a pin and stick it in the middle of a cigarette. Put the cigarette in the glass with the pin sticking up and put your dab of hash on top and light it. As it smokes, cover the glass with a piece of paper. Once the glass is full of smoke, slide the paper aside and have a strong whiff.


If you roll your own herbal weed or tobacco cigarettes, you can smoke your hash with your spliff. Simply take a small piece of hash and put it on a key and light it a bit to soften. Then put the warm hash on your spliff and smoke.

Bottle Hits

You need a bottle and a cigarette. Put a hole in the bottom of your bottle just big enough to stick a cigarette through. Put your bit of hash on the end of the cigarette and light it. Stick it through the hole and wait for the bottle to fill with smoke, then take the top off and inhale the thick smoke.


You can use a vape pen made to handle hash and hash oil. Be sure to purchase a pen that can handle the types of concentrates you will be smoking. Then it’s simply a matter of following the instructions for your particular type of vaporizer.

In the past, large vaporizers were used to treat larger batches of weed. These were desk vaporizers. Some people still have them. They sometimes allowed one to make large balloons full of potent weed vapor, then simply inhale it. Many desk vaporizers, however, were not made to treat hash.

Users have generally moved on to small, portable, pen-type vaporizers. Some of these will treat herbal marijuana and produce clean vapor. Some will treat different types of weed preparations and a few will treat hash and other weed concentrates so be sure to get one that can create vapor from the hash.

Dab It

You will need an oil rig with a titanium nail. You can read precisely how to use your oil rig on our page here:  You will heat your titanium nail with a butane torch, then dab your hash onto the nail. It will immediately combust into smoke and you can cover with a carb cap and suck in the clean smoke.

Hash Yogurt

To make hash yogurt first get a hold of your favorite yogurt. Now take a spoon and put regular real butter on it. Put your hash on the butter, then heat with a lighter. Allow the butter and hash to melt into one and let the hash decarboxylate by heating for a few minutes. Now, just mix it with your yogurt and enjoy an uplifting treat. Remember it can take an hour for your hash edible to start kicking in, so be careful with your dosing.

best way to use hash

Figure 2.

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