Successful and in Vogue Business Women in the Cannabis Industry

Inspiration, resilient and industry-leading are only a few words to describe women who campaign for the cannabis industry to make it legal.

Discussing the stigma which is associated with cannabis appears to be archaic since progressive legislation and extensive medicinal use is gaining momentum in the world. Previously, the teenage stoners along with the lethargic middle-aged men used to be the only people smoking cannabis in order to pass time. Nevertheless, the industry has started to move to pass this generalization. Today, a diverse group of women and men are champion for an accepting society.

The rapidly increasing industry has led some women figureheads to come into focus. All of these women are advocating for extensive legalization of marijuana. You will never see them not striving for a change or heading research or handling a dispensary network across Canada and the US.

Women in vogue are all set to make a big change in the industry. In the present time, women are embarking on grave undertakings as the leaders of a nascent.

What do Men have to Say about Women in Cannabis Business?

The cannabis companies in the industry are largely acquainted with the depth and power of serious money. The raise is a pretty striking amount. It covers almost 40% of the whole cannabis economy of North America. It has an impact on the cannabis market of North America, as well as the whole world. This will help with the legalization of cannabis.

However, there is a surprising systematic problem. The board of directors, the executive officers, and the higher officials are all men. The group which is positioned to have an impact on the development of the weed industry is largely men.

This is nothing new. The boards of these public traded companies and also the executive teams are predominantly male. About 18% of the seats in the board are held by women and only 4% of it is chaired by women. The reason is the legal market of the cannabis business social network. The weed companies that grow weed have an exclusive opportunity to form boards which are gender diverse which leads to forward-thinking, as well as the all-inclusive culture in the corporate world.

However big the industry is, it is only the beginning. Women executives and directors have an impact on performance, decision making, and the workforce. However, men need to understand that they should also be included in the procedure to shape the overall policy direction for international, as well as national legalization.

How should Women in the Cannabis Industry Look Like?

There is used to be a time when a professional, irrespective of the industry used to put on a suit to work every morning. However, time is different. Women and weed magazine professionals have a different interpretation of corporate dressing. Here is some clothing advice that you need to watch out for if you want to look professional in the cannabis business.

  • Wear Structured Clothes

Women to lead swear by structured clothes. The structure of a collared shirt, a tailored jacket, and a skirt or trouser will tell the world what you actually mean to the cannabis industry. It will help women grow in the marijuana business. Obviously, you will not wear them for cleaning the car or mowing the lawn. A dark neutral colored suit will tell the world that you are not going to take stupid risks against the cannabis law. It will give the impression to this male-driven world that you are organized, responsible, and successful.

When you don’t have a formal work environment, there is no need to wear a suit every day. However, make sure that there are clothes which have similar types of properties.

  • Color Choice

The darker color usually looks more professional. When you wear high contrast dark and light colors, it will speak for authority. Wearing a light color is going to take away your personal power and not let women grow. Consider the kind of color you wear and it tells everyone about you. Bright colors imply that you aren’t afraid of anyone and are dynamic.

  • Patterns

Geometrics and stripes are actually masculine and impart powerfulness and professionalism. Sports and floral are a feminine pattern, it is taken as less ambitious and more nurturing. You can be creative with abstract prints. Animal prints are considered to be non-conventional and dramatic in the workplace. However, this is only appropriate if you are working in a creative environment.

  • Accessories

When in the workplace, it is better to wear small metal based accessories. These are taken to be professional and classic. If you were large and colored accessories, it will say that you are fun to work with. On the basis of the work environment, you need to be aware of the accessory you put on. Clanky, jangly, and noisy can be pretty distracting and might make others feel that you are not sure about your work.

  • Shoes

Slim, fine, and leather shoes look more professional and showcase a level of refinement. Thick and chunky shoes are just the opposite. It is ideal for a casual work environment.

The weed lady should consider how they want to be perceived in the workplace.

The Role of Women in the Cannabis Industry

Women have a bigger presence in the marijuana industries as they have in the other industries. This is because it has started to be a welcoming environment for all female entrepreneurs.

Female executives in the cannabis industry are 27% which is higher than 23% of the female in the executive positions. Celebrity women are also associated with the cannabis industry such as Melissa Etheridge and Whoopi Goldberg.

Influential Women Leading Cannabis Industry

One of the biggest names in the world of cannabis is the Wellness Connection of Maine’s CEO Patricia Rosi. It is a company running 4 dispensaries. Another big name is Nancy Whiteman from Wana Brands. Her company based in Colorado is known to sell edibles of Cannabis and this includes a well-known line of gummy bears.

There are many women who are leading the way with certain wellness-focused products. Olivia Alexanders Kush infused lotions, bath bombs, and tinctures. Ophelia Chong is another influential woman who strived to change the manner in which people perceive cannabis. She started Her photography agency wanted to capture that it is a majestic organism all through its lifecycle. This way she wanted to present cannabis in a positive light and wanted to break down the stigma which is associated with it.

At the forefront of the medical stage of marijuana is Sr. Christina Sanchez and is known to be ahead of time in regards to her research related to cannabis. She talked about the prospect and the effectiveness of cannabis an antioxidant.

Female consumers and entrepreneurs have turned out to be a large focus on the cannabis industry.

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