Does The Whizzinator Really Work?

Does The Whizzinator Really Work?

Score: 5 out of 5, Grade: A. Very well trusted product. For regular drug tests, the urine that comes with the product will work, but for more expensive tests for government and military, you need clean urine. Technically, the product is a sex toy and any attempt to defraud a drug test might be prosecuted. We tell you which states have laws against defrauding drug tests, and also the federal laws in the conclusion. First, the basics.
The Whizzinator Synthetic Urine for Weed Detox Overview
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The Whizzinator to pass a drug test Reviews

He goes on to explain the fake pee will only fool the cheaper tests.

We did not find negative reviews where the actual real The Whizzinator was used and the instructions followed. However, more expensive, sensitive drug tests can detect fake urine, though these tests appear to only be used by police, government, and military jobs.
How to Use The Whizzinator fake urine to cleanse pee of marijuana Directions: This is a strap on penis. You heat the synthetic urine and have your fun, using it as a sex toy. Most people use it to pass a drug test. In which case you do the same thing, but instead pee into a specimen cup. Full instructions are included below.
Where to buy The Whizzinator fake piss for sale near me? • You should get the product only at because many imitation products are sold.
Store Locator on website? Directions? The only store you need is, this is the only site which can be trusted to provide the real deal.
Can I use The Whizzinator fake pee for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)?

Can I use The Whizzinator for weed detox (to pass a saliva test)  No. The Whizzinator is for urine tests only.
Works for women? For females, you can use The Whizz Kit, also known as The Female Whizzinator.
Coupon available? We have not found coupons, you can check the website for deals.
Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly?  No. You will use synthetic urine instead. Others use the urine of a friend.
How long does it last? Your urine will last 1 year, stored at room temperature, away from light.
The Whizzinator is a product used as a sex toy or as a fake penis to carry fake or substituted urine to pass a drug test.

It is important to use a realistic looking product because some urine tests may be observed. If you are caught trying to defraud a drug test, you could be held legally accountable in some states.

The Whizzinator has a very colorful history. NFL Star Onterrio Smith was arrested at the airport for having an original Whizzinator in 2005. Up to the year 2008, the original product was marketed for beating drug tests. Smith had vials of dried urine. It is unclear what law Smith had broken, but it probably has something to do with having strange powders or liquid which could be used as a weapon, as fake, powdered urine is not always illegal to possess. We will look at the laws in the conclusion. Smith, without his fake penis, eventually begin failing drug tests, we assume for marijuana. He was released by the Vikings. This is sad, considering weed is being legalized in many states now. Several other NFL players’ careers have been hurt by failing drug tests for marijuana. Probably, players were taking much more than that, but marijuana remains in the system the longest and is hardest to cover up.

In a strange coincidence, the government was already investigating drug test beating products and a hearing occurred days after Smith’s saga, too soon for the hearing to have been in response to Smith’s incident. During the hearing, it was suggested that your airplane pilot or the guy who is supposed to be watching for terrorists at the airport is high at work because drug tests didn’t catch him because he was wearing a fake dick and using fake urine. Sounds a little unrealistic, but okay, let’s give them that. We don’t want people doing safety jobs to be using drugs and evading detection. So, we need a solution for that and studies suggest tossing people in prison and treating drug use as a moral problem is not that solution. We have come to understand that determinism is at work in all of us, but we still take a moral approach to solving operational problems. Whatever works, but what we are doing, is not working as far as drug addiction is concerned.

During the hearing, the proof of the ills of drug use was a poor man with 3 jobs, teleconferencing from prison for passing a drug test for weed and cocaine while using both frequently, using an herbal tea. We are not aware of any herbal teas that work to beat drug tests. More likely, he was simply diluting or his metabolism quickly eliminated drug metabolites naturally. In any case, people working at Walmart are exactly who we are not trying to put in prison for smoking weed after work, that does more harm than good. He’s not your pilot. Your pilot isn’t going to jail for drug use. He knows how to evade drug tests, evade the law, and use autopilot.

Three years later, the owners of the company that sold The Whizzinator were prosecuted and convicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States government. One received 6 months in prison plus probation, the other received probation. In 1991, 5 percent of Americans could expect to spend time in prison, that rate has likely risen in the last decades.
How a urine drug screen works:
1. A tester will hand you a specimen cup and you will go into the bathroom.
2. You will be required to urinate 3 to 5 ounces into the specimen cup. You will be told to catch mid-stream urine.
3. In some cases, usually with drug offenders, the urine collection may be observed to prevent people from trying to cheat the drug tests. Many testers no longer observe women due to the threat of lawsuits.
4. Do not flush the toilet or they may invalidate your results.
5. Your specimen will be put into a little window (sometimes, at other times, they have you hand your urine to a tester in front of everyone) where the tester will pick it up.
6. Labels on the specimen will indicate the presence or absence of drug metabolites to the tester.

Overall description
What Comes With The Product? Package Contents
The Whizzinator Touch kit contains:
1. Two leg straps
2. A waist band
3. 4 heating pads that keep urine at body temperature for 8 hours
4. 1 vial of synthetic urine
5. 1 cleaning syringe
6. Pamphlet of instructions

The Whizz kit (aka The Female Whizzinator, for females and males): the originator, sex neutral synthetic urine kit
1. 3 ounces synthetic urine, already mixed
2. 2 heating pads
3. Temperature strip
4. Elastic belt
5. 60 ml syringe

Terms of product:
If unsatisfied with the product for any reason, call customer service.
Product is shipped in packaging which is discreet.
Overnight shipping available for orders placed before 4 PM PST.
The Whizz Kit Instructions
Preparing for a Drug Test with the Whizz Kit
1. On test day at about two hours before your test, removed contents from the package
2. Remove the heat pad and peel back the adhesive strips.
3. Apply the heat pad to the Whizz kit.
4. Apply the heat pad between the bag and belt, sticky side to the bag of the synthetic urine.
5. Place temperature strip side of bag against the skin.
6. It may take one hour to get to body temperature.
7. Wait till temperature strips indicate green.
8. Make sure your clip is pinched down then cut your hose to the proper length that you want it. Now you are ready to go in for your test. The heating pad will last most of your waking hours so there is little chance of it running out while you wait.
9. When you are in the bathroom for your test, unpinch the clip and let your fake urine flow into the specimen cup.
10. After each use, rinse equipment with water. If the bag needs further cleaning, use a 5/95 solution of 5 % peroxide and 95 % water for cleaning and then rinse.
11. If you use The Whizzinator Touch, instructions are similar and included in the accompanying pamphlet.
The Whizzinator Synthetic urine site verified the urine contains the following ingredients:
• Uric acid
• Creatine

The rest of the ingredients do not appear to be listed on the site; however, synthetic urine generally also contains the following ingredients:
• Urea
• Sodium phosphate
• Sodium chloride
• Potassium chloride
• Distilled water

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Unused products in their original condition can be returned within 14 days.
Where can I get it near me?
Go to
There are many non-authentic products with Whizzinator in the name, so buy directly from this site only. The Whizzinator has a long legal history which we have explored. It is now sold as an adult novelty device, not to be used to beat a drug test. If you attempt to beat a federally administered drug test, for example for a truck driving job which is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you could be charged with attempting to defraud the United States government. That could mean prison time, so by all means, be careful, smart, and discreet.

Additional Products from Alternative Life Systems

You can see from the screenshot above, The Whizzinator Touch comes in all major skin shades, so that you can match it to your own pigment to whatever effect is realistic for you, or just mix n match.

For a more basic and economical kit, which can also be used by females, you can get The Whizz Kit, and Lil Whizz Kit at

In order to reuse your Whizzinator, you will need to refill on synthetic urine, heating pads, and cleaning solution, which you can do at a fair price on the website.
Pros and Cons
Pros Cons
● Famous
● You have many shades to choose from
● Can be reused
● You can figure out how to use it easy enough
● Urine is fully realistic
● You could avoid going to jail if it works
● You could avoid losing a job if it works
● You could get a job you want if it works ● Expensive
● Illegal in some states
● You could be prosecuted for attempting to defraud the government if you get caught
● You have to keep buying synthetic urine and cleaner to reuse it
● You can pee with your very own urine without having to buy anything

Q&A about The Whizzinator
Q: Is the The Whizzinator undetectable in laboratory urine tests?
A: Many users claim that it is undetectable. The famous case we review suggests that it does work, or at least was undetectable at the time of the case, unless you get caught. In which case, a big deal can be made of it, especially if you are trying to fool federally mandated tests. The included fake urine appears to work for standard tests, but may not work for more expensive tests.

Q: Does The Whizzinator contain creatine?
A: Yes. This is one of two ingredients listed on the site. We expect it has all ingredients tested for in laboratory tests. However, these ingredients are not listed on the site since they can only claim the urine is to be used in sex toy piss play, and not to beat drug tests, a claim for which the original makers did prison time. The law was overreaching.

Q: Does The Whizzinator Have Uric Acid?
A: Yes.

Q: If I don’t have a microwave, how can I achieve the right temperature?
A: Just strap the heating pack to your urine according to the instructions until the temperature strip reads green or the correct temperature.

Q: Does The Whizzinator Expire?
A: The Whizzinator can be reused many times. Check the urine for an expiration date. The Golden Shower urine will last a year. Unmixed and stored properly, dried urine may last indefinitely. Once mixed, use within 12 hours.

Q: Can The Whizzinator Be Reheated?
A: Most synthetic urines can be reheated, just be sure to use it in the time period listed above.

Q: Will The Whizzinator still be okay if it freezes?
A: No where in the instructions are you advised to freeze your synthetic urine. Check your particular product instructions to be sure. Some synthetic urines will remain effective if frozen, others may not.

Q: Does The Whizzinator help to pass a supervised piss test?
A: Yes. You can pull out a fake penis the same shade as your real penis. However, the product is sold only to be used as a sex toy, not to commit any kind of fraud, which could be illegal in some states or federally.

Q: Why synthetic urine is better than friend’s urine?
A: People in the same circles use the same drugs. Your friend may not have smoked weed, but he may have taken Adderall or Percocet, either illicitly or legally, and you can fail your drug test. Synthetic urine contains no drugs.

Q: How does direct sunlight affect The Whizzinator?
A: Synthetic urine should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Q: Can I combine 2 bottles of The Whizzinator to make one sample?
A: You should follow the instructions. If you have two bottles within the time period of expiration, combining them should be no problem, but cannot be advised.

Q: Can I add any substance to my The Whizzinator, like my urine?
A: No. Follow the instructions precisely for the best results.
The Whizzinator by Alternative Lifestyle Systems Reviews
Positive The Whizzinator Reviews

This Facebook user quit substitute teaching because he felt he wasn’t a role model. He had used the Whizzinator to pass a drug test. It worked.

Positive The Whizzinator Reviews

This user has used the Whizzinator, even being watched, and has been successful. He has passed with the fake urine but would not use it for military or court tests because they use more expensive analyses which can spot fake urine.

Positive or Negative ‘You Decide’ The Whizzinator Review

This user on reddit claims he used the Whizzinator and failed, but he appears to not have followed instructions because he said the urine was Quick Fix, which is a different brand. Use the urine that comes with the Whizzinator.

Positive or Negative ‘You Decide’ The Whizzinator Review

We include this review to point out that the legal use is as a sex toy and using it to beat drug tests could be illegal. In any case, to get the authentic product, go to
5 out of 5, A+
If you get the real The Whizzinator, you should be able to pass your drug test even observed, although, that’s not what The Whizzinator is for. It is for use as a sex toy, so strap it on and shower away. No one can blame you for that. But if you use it to defraud a drug test, you could be prosecuted, although such cases are not many. More often, if you get caught, your test will just be invalidated. Let’s review the fake urine laws just to make sure we make it to the party we’re all trying to get to.
Before you purchase that product, let’s review the laws concerning them. First off, federally, if you are caught using any trickery to pass a drug test for a federally regulated industry, such as a truck driving job with the Department of Transportation overseeing drug tests, you could be charged with conspiracy to defraud the government of the United States. This has happened, and to the original makers of The Whizzinator no less, so be careful. However, cases are not widespread. Also, the new The Whizzinator is labeled as intended as a sex toy, not for use to beat a drug test. Also, the ingredients are not fully listed online. Therefore, testers would have to admit it contains ingredients that fooled their test in order to lodge complaints, and they are probably not going to do that because they lose credibility.
Also, as in the case of Onterrio Smith, you could be stopped at the airport for carrying The Whizzinator as it may contain suspicious fluids or vials of embarrassing powder.
There are nine states which ban sell of adulterants intended to fool a drug test. They get to decide what an ‘adulterant’ is and may decide fake urine contains adulterants. They are:
States where selling adulterants intended to beat a drug test is illegal
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• Virginia • Arkansas
• Illinois
• Maryland
• Nebraska

These states ban the selling of detox products. It is unclear if they would consider The Whizzinator a detox product, but it is possible:
1. Louisiana
2. Texas
Three further states do not allow the sell of detox products. Again, they have wide leverage in deciding what a detox product is. Possession of a detox product or using one may not be directly prosecutable under this particular law but could be prosecuted under other fraud laws. They are:
1. New Jersey
2. Kentucky
3. Florida
General Medical Disclaimer
KASA is not giving you medical recommendations. The product reviewed is labeled for use as a sex toy, not for breaking any laws. If for any reason it is illegal in your country or state, you could be charged with a crime.
FDA Disclaimer
This product is not regulated as a drug or supplement by the United States FDA. It is not for internal use.
Drug Screening Disclaimer
No product can guarantee that you can use it to pass a urinalysis, nor is this product labeled as intended for such use.
Description: The Whizzinator by Alternative Lifestyle Systems. Does The Whizzinator really work for a urinalysis? How to use The Whizzinator. How to use The Whizzinator for drug tests.

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