The Urinator Synthetic Urine

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The Urinator Synthetic Human Urine has two things that make it stand out from the pack. First, it has a digital computer in it that measures the temperature of the urine and adjusts it to make sure the temperature always comes out perfect. Secondly, it is battery powered so the temperature will be perfectly maintained for four hours.

That gives you a window of several hours to get into the testing center and submit a sample. It is small and compact, and therefore easily hidden. We have encountered no other products which use a digital computer to make sure the temperature is just right. Temperature failures are likely by far the main reason people using synthetic urine or fake piss get caught.

Why do people need The Urinator?

Drugs in a person’s system can be found via a urine drug test. Numerous companies, physicians, and sports officials routinely demand these tests. Drug testing frequently involves urine tests. They are painless, simple, efficient, and affordable. Long after the physical effects of drugs wear off, a person’s system may still show signs of drug usage. The analysis can reveal whether a person consumed particular medicines for a period of days or weeks.

In order to mimic real urine, the sample must be submitted at the correct temperature, between 90 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. For that, you need computerized temperature control. Urinator is a classical kit with synthetic urine. There are several top items, such as Powdered Urine.

These are the reasons people go for synthetic urine:

  1. To get a job.
  2. For a drug test ordered by an authority.
  3. To set the parameters of lab equipment.
  4. For water sports sexual role-playing.
  5. To get the desired results for tests administered to discover sports doping.

Laws About THC And Detox Products

In 2022, 141 million Americans live in jurisdictions where the sale of recreational cannabis is allowed despite the fact that marijuana is illegal at the federal level in 19 states and Washington, D.C. Oklahoma and other states are thinking about legalizing it. And the usage of cannabis in some states grew by 20%. Despite that fact, millions of drug tests are conducted every year.

At the same time, Michigan would ban the sale of synthetic urine under legislation heading to the desk of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for potential signature. The Michigan House on Thursday approved a Senate bill that supporters say would make it harder for workers or prospective hires to beat employer drug tests by criminalizing sales of fake pee and other drug masking products.

“There is no legitimate use for these products other than to cheat an alcohol or drug screening test, and therefore they should not be available in the marketplace,” sponsoring Sen. Curtis Vanderwall, R-Ludington, said in earlier committee testimony.

Below there’s a table of states and their restrictions about detox and synthetic urine products.

Beating a urinalysis unsupervised

If you are not supervised, just conceal your urinator device on your body. A male might wear two pairs of underwear and put it in between in the bulge area. A female might conceal it in a bra. Just pour it from the hose into the sample cup and submit the specimen. Also, you need to pee in the toilet with your actual pee. Don’t get any in the cup. They may check the toilet to make sure you peed. Don’t flush the toilet, the test administrator will do so after you submit the sample.

Directions for passing a drug screen which is supervised

If you are being supervised, you will definitely need to conceal the bladder and hose somewhere in the crotch area. If you’re a man, you may need to slip the hose underneath the glans and let her rip. Since you will need to be holding the cup, you have reason to have both hands down there. Also, there’s a good chance, you will not be directly facing the observer.

For women, you should be able to take a seat, position the cup and maneuver both hands down there as if making certain to catch the urine. Position the hose and let it flow. After you are done and the sample is closed, pee in the toilet a bit to leave evidence that you indeed peed so they don’t suspect fake piss. Someone of the same gender should be doing the supervising. No men should supervise females or legal action may be taken.

Using  The Urinator to pass a drug test

Synthetic Urine Kit components::

  • Eight free sample vials of Dr. John’s Famous concentrated ‘fake pee’ (won’t ship to the Carolinas).
  • Two smaller temperature strips
  • The Urinator bladder, with a hose, digital computer, top, and large temperature strip
  • Syringe

You will need to purchase:

  • Two Duracell 9 volt batteries (rechargeable if you think you’ll need to use it more than once)

Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee concentrated urine is included. It may contain the following ingredients:

  1. Correct creatinine content
  2. Correct specific gravity
  3. Potassium Chloride
  4. Sodium chloride
  5. Sodium phosphate
  6. Urea
  7. Uric acid
  8. Water

The Urinator Instructions

How to use The Urinator fake urine? Step by step instruction:

  1. Where to buy The Urinator: go to, or
  2. Mix one vial of concentrated Dr. John’s pee sample with about 75 milliliters or 2.5 ounces of water in a clean, small cup. It’s always good to start with the fluid sample as close to body temperature as possible, so you may wanna heat the water in the microwave for about 10 seconds before you mix in the concentrate.
  3. Remove the cap from the end of the fluid bag.
  4. Remove the cap from the end of the syringe.
  5. Using the syringe, suck up the fluid from the cup and inject it into The Urinator hose into the bladder. You can use someone else’s urine if you are positive they are clean, but still be sure to use within 24 hours. Even if you use warmer than body temperature fluid, The Urinator’s computer won’t turn on until the sample has cooled to the proper temperature.
  6. When you have filled The Urinator with the sample, squeeze any excess air out of the bag, and replace the cap, but don’t overtighten. You will have to take the cap back off when you submit your sample and if observed, you don’t wanna look like you are fumbling around too much with your junk.
  7. Hold the cloth over until the battery holder is exposed. Install two brand new 9 volt batteries. Use new batteries every time so that there will always be enough juice to keep the computer powered and the sample warm.
  8. Finish folding The Urinator cloth and seal down the ends to make a tight little pack with the tube extending out of one end.
  9. Now your sample is heating up. Give it at least 15 minutes. The batteries will last for 4 hours.
  10. You need to strap it concealed to your body. Women may put it in a bra. Men may wear two pair of underwear and put it in between. Keep in mind you got two 9 volt batteries in there heating up a sample, so be careful. We have heard no tales of anyone being harmed by this product, but if you are concerned, take extra precautions to protect your skin, and perhaps don’t put the heated element close to your cojones. It should never get hotter than body temperature, so it’s safe theoretically. But to be safer than safe, strap it closer to the thigh to either side of your precious jewels, not directly under.
  11. Get to the testing site. When it’s time to produce the goods, take out your little hose, remove the cap ,and allow the fluid to flow into the specimen cup. Make sure you’ve got at least two ounces. Most of the time, you need a minimum of just one ounce of pee. Lastly, pee into the toilet a bit to prove that you peed. Never put any of your own urine into the specimen cup.
  12. Do not flush the toilet.
  13. Submit your sample.
  14. After each use, flush The Urinator out with warm water. Never use soap or other cleaners.

Before the test, you may want to practice the technique of getting the urine in the sample cup, to make sure you’re good enough to do it even if you may be observed. Often a test observer will not look directly at your sex parts as this could cause legal complaints. So you have some operating room to maneuver the apparatus. Make sure you’re as good at it as Billy The Kid is with a gun. You can draw and empty before anybody even sees you moving.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do Don’t Do
  • Do mix your concentrated urine, one vial to 75 mL of water
  • Do get some practice at concealing and pulling out your hose to empty the fluid into the specimen cup.
  • Do make sure you get your actual pee in the toilet to have proof that you peed.
  •  Don’t put any of your own urine in the sample cup or in the device.
  • Don’t put any adulterants in the specimen cup. Many adulterants can be detected and your synthetic urine is already completely clean.
  • Remember not to flush the toilet, they may want to see some urine in the toilet. In the case that you can’t pee, just tell them you got every last drop into the cup and had no more left for the toilet.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

1998, claims to be the first urinator device available to the public. The device was one of the earliest urination devices featured in magazines like High Times, Playboy, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Penthouse.

1999, Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee was launched.

At the time, synthetic urines were all powdered and didn’t dissolve well. IRT created a concentrate and it has managed to become the best-selling fake urine in the world.

According to their claims, most concentrated liquid synthetic urine products that work are actually theirs, but hold different names. We are prone to believe this assertion, though we have not seen a great number of liquid urine concentrates before Dr. John’s one.

IRT claims that their formula remains effective nowadays and has never undergone changes. It can be true since their product may be partially derived from actual human urine, so it would have all the qualities needed to pass a test without any additional formula changes.

About Urinator Synthetic Urine/Innovative Research Technology
448 Cummings Street
Suite 202 Abingdon,
VA 24210
[email protected]

Where is The Urinator for sale?

Get it directly at for $ 149.95.

We have not found a store locator nor coupons for The products.


Vehicle power adapter $ 39.95

This can use your car charger to charge rechargeable 9-volt batteries.

Urinator Wrap $ 35.00

An extra or replacement cloth wrap for the device.

Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee $ 15

Purportedly the best selling synthetic urine in the world. You can get extra vials from the company. Not for sale in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Extra syringe $ 7

You will need a syringe to inject urine into the small hose. So if you lose one, you have to get another.

Other replacement parts

You can order 9-volt batteries from IRT for $ 5. You can also get extra temperature strips, large or small for $ 2 each. Lastly, if you lose your cap, replace it for $ 2.

The Urinator Pros and Cons

  • It will keep for a year if urine is unopened
  • It is a liquid concentrate rather than a powder. Yet it’s not fully mixed so there is less chance of spoilage.
  • If you pass a drug test, you may get a new job
  • If you pass a drug test, you may avoid punitive action from authorities
  • You might avoid accusations of sports doing
  • It has a computer that keeps the urine warm for 4 hours
  • It’s small enough to fit in the crotch
  • It’s easy to use and easy to set up
  • The urine won’t ship to North Carolina or South Carolina
  •  You need to make sure it is legal in your jurisdiction before ordering
  • You have to measure the water correctly to avoid undesired readings
  •  You may feel uncomfortable having warm batteries in your crotch or strapped to your body in some other way
  • Attempting to cheat a government drug test may be a crime, check you’re local, state, and national laws

Q & A

  Will I be able to make this kit undetectable?
  Yes, you will. The kit is the size of a standard mail envelope. It will fit around the crotch area without being noticeable. It contains uric acid and all the ingredients needed to pass a drug test. It has a bladder bag, a heater that runs on two 9 volt batteries, and a small computer that makes sure it stays at the right temperature. This is the only kit we have found so far containing a digital computer.
  How do I put it on?
  The urinator is small but doesn’t have any straps or anything. You can wear two pairs of underpants and stick it down in there. Women may strap it in their bra area.
  How does it keep my DNA private?
  Unscrupulous companies could try to steal and sell your DNA information from a urine sample. Since this sample has none of your DNA in it, your DNA is private. We do not know exactly how The Urinator ensures the test sample isn’t considered invalid if it contains no DNA. However, it’s possible theoretically for someone to pee and the tester is just unable to get a DNA sample from it. Likely, the test you are taking is not a genetic test, and they have no right to be looking for your DNA information to sell to other companies.
  How much time is it gonna take to heat up?
  You actually need to start with the fluid at body temperature or between 90 and 99 degrees. Put it in the microwave for about ten seconds. Then put it into the unit and the computer will keep it at 98 degrees for four hours. It will need 15 minutes to stabilize the temperature so allow time for this to take place.
  I have a clean friend, can’t I just use substitution?
Yes, you can use someone else’s urine in the unit. However, beware, some people, even children  may be taking medications like Xanax or Ritalin that may show up in the test results. So, you have to be sure that the urine donor is completely clean; if you are not, better use the urine substitute in the kit. It’s also important to mind that urine can transmit diseases; so be careful when interacting with someone else’s piss. Contrary to a popular myth, a male can be a donor for a female’s urine sample. When it comes to an ordinary drug test, gender is not checked as a rule. If they are stealing DNA information, they will do this covertly and not admit to it by flagging your sample.
  Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?
The Urinator reps claim it’s impossible for it not to work. The urine is free of drugs and has no genetic defects. This claim makes it likely that the product does contain someone’s DNA. Someone without genetic defects. It may, therefore, be made partially from donor urine, but this has not been confirmed. At, they offer a money-back guarantee if you feel that the product did not work for you.
  Do I really need a computer in my crotch?  Isn’t this going overboard?
You may need this because there is no sure-fire way to make sure the urine you submit is at the right temperature. Products with just heating packs work sometimes, but other times may get too cool due to outside temperatures or too hot during a heatwave. This kit will keep the urine at the right temperature using state of the art technology. You can’t go wrong.
  How long will it keep?
You can reuse the device into infinity. The unopened concentrated urine will last about a year. Once mixed with water, you need to use it within 24 hours.
  Can I buy it in my state?
Check your local laws. They will not ship to these states:

  • VA
  • RI
  • PA
  • OK
  • NJ
  • MD
  • KY
  • IL
  • AR

The Urinator Synthetic Urine kit reviews online

 Reddit user: “It’s passed two observed tests.”

“Worked f-ing awesome…”

“I passed…”

“pretty easy…”

Conclusion: Does The Urinator really work?

We stick to the opinion that this synthetic urine will work just great if the user properly mixes it, installs the batteries, and follows all instructions the are in complex with the device. It’s fairly impressive that the device has an onboard computer that will make sure that the urine stays between 90 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit to be certain that it will pass a drug test.

Dr. John’s Famous Pee Pee stands out for the fact that it is a liquid concentrate rather than a powder or pre-mixed synthetic urine. This is a very promising product. Make sure you give it enough time to heat up. This has a high chance of working.

Today, workers all over America suffer a similar fate. Since January of 2020, 72,000 truckers have failed a urinalysis test for cannabis. None of them were allowed to drive despite a passion to do the work and a pandemic raging. So is it really worth it?

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