Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine


Testclear Powdered Human Urine is the product people usually use to get ready for a pre-employment drug test. The date of the drug test is clear. The interview process was pretty much successful but a candidate might not have enough time to abstain from drug use before the day of the test. How long do you need to abstain?

Figure 1.https://americanaddictioncenters.org/how-long-drugs-system

For most drugs, you only need a few days. For marijuana, it can take up to a month, but for a one-time use of a low dose, like one joint, you’re looking at just 7 days. But if you’re here, you may not have that much time, you’re looking at other options.

Testclear like many other detox companies makes powdered urine to pass a urine drug test. Powdered urine has to be mixed with water before use. It was originally created to calibrate urine medical testing equipment. To do so, it has to perfectly mirror human real urine. Being powdered makes it keep longer. Once mixed with water, it may begin to spoil; however, real human urine contains bacteria and therefore researchers will be looking for urine that will begin to smell. If they suspect the urine might be fake, they may give it a sniff test, and powdered urine may be more likely to pass, having absorbed some bacteria from the atmosphere which will consume some of the proteins and produce a smell. Pre-mixed urine is likely to be sterile and therefore not produce any smell, which could be a giveaway that it is synthetic.

Here are all of the reasons people use synthetic urine:

  1. To pass a drug test for employment.
  2. To pass a court-ordered drug test to avoid going to prison.
  3. To adjust laboratory equipment for any purpose.
  4. When being engaged in water sports or sex plays to omit the need to use real human urine which may contain bacteria, have unpleasant smells or cause itchy skin.
  5. When the weed tests happen due to the will of well-meaning family members to keep you in line.
  6. For negative test results for a sports organization to engage in college or professional sports.

You don’t want to use it anywhere where illegal or if you’re under 18.

Laws Near Me About Detox Products

Directions to beat an unsupervised urinalysis

If your test is unsupervised, just follow the instructions that the next section of our article provides to mix and heat your urine, visit the testing bathroom, and complete this condition: the urine temperature is between 90 and 99 degrees. Place your sample in the specimen cup afterwards. Then, you need to pee in the toilet because they may check. Do not put any of your urine in the specimen cup.

Directions for passing a supervised drug screen

For a supervised test, you may need a fake dong like a Whizzinator or a Monkey Dong. Follow the instructions on the package.

You can still use Testclear’s powdered urine with these products.

For Women

Women can use a kit like this. It has a bladder you can wear and a small hose from which to dispense fluid discreetly when being observed. Generally, the organization requiring an observed specimen should provide some rationale for that. Also, the one doing the observing should be of the same gender, else the testers can run into legal issues.

Using Testclear Powdered Human Urine to pass a drug test

The Synthetic Urine Kit Contains

  • Vial of powdered urine (this is variously called ‘simulation urine’ and ‘not fake pee’, so it’s not clear if this is real human urine or not)
  • A vital to transport your fluid, measuring 50 mL
  • Temperature strip
  • Two heaters, activated by air

Powdered Urine Ingredients (may contain)


  1. Sodium chloride
  2. Sodium phosphate
  3. Urea
  4. Powdered Uric acid
  5. Distilled water
  6. Potassium Chloride

In order to pass a drug test or calibrate equipment, simulation urines have to contain the above ingredients. Other ingredients may be included.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine instructions

This is how to use Testclear Powdered Human Urine fake urine:

  1. Where to buy Testclear Powdered Human Urine: go to https://www.testclear.com/Powdered-Urine-Kit-P13.aspx
  2. Open the package. Dump your urine powder into the larger vial.
  3. Fill it with water then shake it up till it’s completely uniform.
  4. Take the heating pads, peel off the sticker paper then stick the pad to the side of the tube opposing the temperature strip. Hold it in place with rubber bands, make sure it’s not touching the temperature strip or you will get a false reading. You will need 45 minutes for the urine to read between 90 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too hot, take off the top, blow on it to cool it down a bit. If too cold, give it more time to heat up.
  5. Go into your experiment. Make sure the temperature is right and get your urine in the specimen cup.

Before your test, you may need to take some time practicing how to get the temperature right. So, you may want to purchase several kits and also a testing kit to make certain your test will come outright.

Dos and Don’ts

Do Do Don’t Do
  • Do empty your mixed and heated Testclear urine into the specimen cup
  • Do practice heating your sample
  • Do urinate into the toilet to have proof that you peed
  • Don’t put any of your own piss into the specimen cup. Use only the fake piss
  • Don’t put any adulterant like bleach in your specimen cup
  • Don’t flush the toilet after you pee into the toilet

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

About Testclear.com.
Founded in 1995
Redmond WA, 98053
+1-(866) 837-8253
[email protected]

Where is Testclear Powdered Urine for sale?

Only on https://www.testclear.com/ for $ 49.95. We have not found a store locator nor coupons for

Testclear.com products.


Klear Urine Additive $ 30

Klear Urine Additive is an adulterant. Do not expect it to pass lab tests in the US. It may work only for older, outdated drug tests.

The Urinator

This device has a form of a battery warmed urine injector for keeping a urine sample warm for up to 4 hours. It comes with several vials of powdered urine.

Toxin Rid Detox program

You can order an oral detox program lasting from 1 to 10 days. It contains fiber, herbs, creatine, and other necessities for a dilution cleanse but comes in pill form. Follow all instructions.

Mega Clean, XXtra Clean, Ready Clean

These are detox drinks by Detoxify which work by means of dilution. Mega Clean is for those over 240 lbs, XXtra clean for 150 to 240 lbs and Ready Clean for those under 150 lbs.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

This shampoo has the same active ingredient as the old Nexxus Aloe Rid, which is propylene glycol. It is not otherwise associated with Nexxus.

Testclear Powdered Urine Pros and Cons

  • It is dried, therefore sterile until mixed
  • Can be used for sex play
  • Could help you land a job
  • Could help you avoid a prison term
  • Could allow you to play sports by avoiding doping test failures
  • Can be saved up to 3 days in the fridge
  • Not legal in all states
  • Full ingredients not confirmed on the website
  • 50 mL of water may not be enough, adding more could lead to inaccuracies
  • May allow people who have unaddressed drug issues to qualify for jobs they can’t do
  • Could be prosecuted for fraud federally for cheating a government drug test (this is unlikely but possible)

Q & A

Can Test Clear cleanse your urine from THC?

87% of users claim that yes, it can. Manufacturers claim that it is 100% real-urine imitation, but to make it work, you have to shake it for 2 mins and wait for 45 mins to make it warm.

Does it fully mimic human urine and remain undetectable?

Yes, it contains all the ingredients testers will be looking for in human urine. We were unable to verify if it contains urea, in addition to the uric acid which is verified.

How soon before the test should I begin?

About an hour before your test, open your package. Mix the powder and water in the large tube. Take the paper off the temperature pad and stick it to the side of the tube opposite the temperature reading.

How to use Testclear?

Shake it for 2 mins and wait for 45 mins to make it warm. Add it to your sample and you will receive the desired result.

What’s the advantage of having powdered rather than pre-mixed urine?

Pre-mixed urine doesn’t spoil because it is sterile while wet. The downside is that it will remain sterile and therefore not produce a smell of bacteria breaking down proteins if taken back to the lab. This will tip off a suspicious tester that the sample is fake. Powdered urine can mimic the smell of real urine and once mixed, bacteria from the atmosphere will begin to produce an authentic urine smell.

What if I don’t think 50 mL is enough for like if I spill some?

Usually, you will only need to submit 45 mL so you already have an extra 5. However, if you need to, you can add enough water to make it 75 mL without causing a problem.

How long does it take the heater to warm up the sample?

It’s gonna take about 45 minutes to get room temperature water up to the proper temperature. If it goes over 99 degrees, you can take the top off and blow on it to cool it down a bit. The heating pad will maintain the correct temperature. Put it in a bra or wear two pairs of undies and put it in there. If you got sensitive balls, you may need to find another hiding place because it’s gonna be 90 to 99 F in there and you will rue the day you superheated your balls if they are sensitive.

Can you heat it back up?

Testclear doesn’t suggest you use a microwave, to begin with. Microwaving may kill the bacteria you need to get in there and start making it smell like pee. Use the heating pad to warm it up. Give it sufficient time and you won’t need to reheat at all.

Can you reuse the heating strip?

The heating strip will read accurately until it’s completely torn and disintegrated from your kit. However, you have 3 days at the most before you need to use your powdered urine after you mix it.

What are some other things I might need?

At the time of purchase, you can purchase a second kit to practice on. You can also purchase a digital thermometer if you want added security to check the temperature. You can also get extra heating pads in case the test gets set back and you’ve already used one. You can also get an extra vial of powder if needed.

Does it always work?

Testclear claims this urine is used to calibrate testing machinery so it must always work if submitted at the right temperature.

Are discounts offered?

Testclear may offer discounts to labs or classrooms that need urine for testing and educational purposes. Also, movie producers who may use it as a prop may get discounts.

What if I don’t see a temperature reading on the temperature strip?

That means it’s too hot or too cold. Feel it with your finger to find out which and ether blow to cool or let the heating pad bring it to the proper temperature.

Can I add my own urine?

No, your urine may have drugs in it and it may throw off the creatinine parameters.

What if I don’t use it immediately?

You can refrigerate it for up to 72 hours. Then heat and use.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine reviews online

Reddit user: Didn’t follow instructions

This user didn’t follow instructions and used his own urine to top off the sample. Never do this. Your urine is likely dirty and you will fail. Instead, buy extra powdered urine if you fear you will not have enough with one sample.

Passed no problem

Never failed

This post confirms that Testclear is derived from human urine. This particular poster goes on to assume he will fail for this reason. We have no data to indicate that this is the case. It has all the necessary components, it should pass.

Conclusion: Does Testclear Powdered Human Urine really work?

Yes. If you get it to the experiment at the proper temperature, it should pass a urine drug screen. To recap, powdered urine has the advantage that it is sterile so long as it is kept dry. However, when water from the environment is added and it is exposed to air, it will become filled with bacteria. This is a good thing. Bacteria is what provides the stale urine smell. If your test gets flagged as suspicious, the tester will smell the sample to see if bacteria are in there breaking down the proteins. If it has no stale urine smell, the tester may conclude the sample is fake and therefore sterile. Most liquid synthetic urines can be kept for a long period of time because they contain no proteins to break down and no bacteria.

This urine is semi-synthetic. It is derived from human urine. It has urea, uric acid, and creatinine. Once it is mixed with water, it should be used immediately, but it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Everything edible by bacteria goes bad at the bottom of the fridge in about 3 days. So, use it in time. Also, don’t add more than 75 mL of water. If you dilute it too much, it will come back as inconclusive.

The last important point is you must have the temperature right. Make sure you mix the sample correctly, then activate the heating pad and put it on the tube on the side opposite of the temperature strip. After about 45 minutes, it should be reading between 90 F and 99 F. If it is not, that means it’s either too hot or too cold. To discover which, touch it with a finger. If it feels hot, it’s too hot. Take the top off and blow on the sample to cool it off. The temperature should come down and you should see a correct reading color on the temperature strip. If you feel the tube and you feel nothing, then it’s too cool, below your body temperature. Let the heating pad to the work of heating it up. If you microwave it, you could destroy some of the bacteria you’re gonna need in there doing their job of creating a true urine smell.

Lastly, you should be mindful of the laws that govern your jurisdiction. Do not use if under 18 or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction. Also, if you try to fool a government drug test, you could be prosecuted for it under federal law if in the USA. Attempting to defraud the government of the United States is a federal offense. We don’t know of any users of synthetic urine who have been prosecuted under this law; however, the original makers of The Whizzinator fake penis and urine were successfully prosecuted under this law and one of them was given jail time. Therefore, it is possible to be in legal trouble for using detox products. The whole point is to keep yourself safe from government intrusion into your body, so be sure to obey all laws and keep the government out of your life. You can look in the first section for different state laws that may apply. Stay safe.

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