Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Synthetic Urine Review

Score: 5 out of 5, Grade: A+. Quick Fix synthetic urine is the industry standard for synthetic urine. It is not explicitly, legally labeled as intended for use to beat a drug test, but it happens to be formulated such that it will beat standard drug tests if poured into a specimen cup at the correct temperature. Neither the company quickfix.com nor Leaf Expert can nor would advise you to do that as it may be illegal in your jurisdiction.

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus to pass a drug test Positive Review
Yes, it works. He goes on to explain the fake pee will only fool the cheaper, standard tests, but may not fool extended, sent to the lab, government security job (FBI) tests.
Quick Fix 6.2 Plus to pass a drug test Negative Review We did not find negative reviews where the actual real Quick Fix 6.2 Plus was used and the instructions followed. However, more expensive, sensitive drug tests can detect fake urine, though these tests appear to only be used by police, government, and military jobs of particular security importance and requiring perfect purity. If applying for such a job, reconsider your employment prospects. Only apply for jobs for which your drug use will help by relieving disability or at least not hurt the enterprise.
Can I use Quick Fix 6.2 Plus fake pee for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)? Yes.
Can I use Quick Fix 6.2 Plus for weed detox (to pass a saliva test) No. This product is for urine tests only.
Works for women? For females, you can use the same urine as a male.
Is coupon available? Buy 3, get one free at https://www.quickfixsynthetic.com/product/quick-fix-6-2-plus/
Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly? No. It is not for internal use and will not flush your blood. It is for use as a urine substitute.
How to Use Quick Fix 6.2 Plus fake urine to cleanse pee of marijuana Directions: Pour it in the specimen cup, whallah.
Where to buy Quick Fix 6.2 Plus fake piss for sale near me? You should get the product only at https://www.quickfixsynthetic.com/ because many imitation products are sold.
Store Locator on a website? Directions? The only store you need is https://www.quickfixsynthetic.com/, this is the only site which can be trusted to provide the real deal. However, Quick fix urine is so popular, you can call to your local head shop and they are likely to have a genuine product.
How long does it last? This urine will last one year, stored at room temperature in a dark place. Light can change the temperature composition over long time periods.


Quick Fix 6.2 Plus is one of the most popular synthetic urines on the market. The ‘plus’ is just the 3-ounce formula, while the regular is 2 oz. A male will need to a product about 3 to 5 ounces for a drug test typically, but they will take 2 ounces as the absolute cut off, so if you get the 2-ounce formula, you can not lose one drop. It is already mixed and can be used to maintain your confidentiality when someone wants to undercover your medical history from your urine, revealing details such as health status and drug use. It is rumored that a president’s urine is always recovered and scanned for evidence of disease for example. The composition of your urine, including appearance, fragrance, and even taste has been used to evaluate health status for centuries if not millennia (animals use it to determine health factors to avoid predators or engage in successful mating). Your urine can reveal not only drug use but also several medical conditions and other factors.

Here are some highlights of Quick Fix 6.2 Plus:

  1. Correct ph levels
  2. Realistic specific gravity
  3. Realistic creatinine levels
  4. Uric acid and urea already mixed
  5. Works for any gender

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus is widely trusted on social media and has a great buzz. It can be used in scientific lab tests, for pranks, and for pornographic activities. It is widely used to protect medical privacy.

Will Quick Fix 6.2 Plus work for your lab tests? We will see what social media says near the end of our research. However, the general consensus is that synthetic urine will beat standard drug tests but will not beat more expensive tests used by the government and military. It should not be used to beat Department of Transportation tests or government security career tests as these jobs require long-term sobriety unless you have a documented medical illness such that the drug user will improve performance by removing excessive pain or severe anxiety.

How a urine drug screen works

  1. The technician will give you a cup to collect your sample in.
  2. You will have to produce at least 2 ounces to have a valid sample. Testers will use samples as low as 1 ounce, but 3 to 5 ounces is generally expected.
  3. The screening may be observed or unobserved. Without a fake penis, you may have a hard time fooling an observed test, especially if you are a male. Sometimes, they allow you to position yourself to face in the opposite direction giving you a leg up. If you are observed, you will need a fake penis such as a Whizzinator or Monkey Dong set up, or you may have to tape the hose hidden beneath the penis tip so that the flow appears to excrete from the penis. You should discover whether the test will be observed or unobserved ahead of time. If you are an airplane pilot or heavy truck driver, you will need to get clean instead of using any such setup. After about 30 days of sobriety, nearly any drug imaginable will be out of your system, so it is always doable. You will make it successfully using tips from Leaf Expert.
  4. Catch the mid-stream urine. Or if you have a urine substitute, you will get it into the specimen cup at this time.
  5. Don’t flush, or your results may be invalidated.
  6. Hand your specimen off to the tester and await your results. They may be immediate, or your sample may be sent off to a lab.
  7. Labels on the specimen will indicate the presence or absence of drug metabolites to the tester. Even if sent off to a lab, they will look for bubbles so you may have to shake your specimen to produce bubbles. They will also check the smell and color of your urine. Quick Fix 6.2 will have the proper smell and appearance but bubbles may have to be introduced at the time of testing by shaking your piss evaluation specimen.

Overall description of Quick Fix Fake Pee

What Comes With The Product? Package Contents
Quick Fix 6.2 Plus kit contains:

  • 3 ounces of realistic urine
  • A heating pad
  • Pouring spout cap
  • Temperature strip
  • A set of instructions

Terms of the product:
Your product will be shipped in inconspicuous packaging. No one intercepting the package will be able to tell from the appearance what is contained herein. Charges to your account may read QUICK FIX LLC in order to protect your privacy. Quick Fix LLC appears to offer no refunds, and no returns. If the package is damaged in shipping, you can likely return it if reported within 3 days and returned. You are not encouraged to break any laws in your jurisdiction.

The Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Instructions

Preparing for a Drug Test with Quick Fix 6.2 Plus

  1. Pour your synthetic urine into the urine cup to heat it up in the microwave for 10 secs. You want the temperature between ninety-four and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Once you heat it up, close it up, shake the bottle a little.
  3. Use your temperature strip to check that you’re in the right range. If not, heat it a little more. If it is above 100 F, let it cool till the temperature strip reads between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Agitate your bottle a little to make sure ingredients are properly mixed and bubbles are present.
  5. You can repeat as often as needed. It is for one use. Do not freeze and thaw this product. However, if you must, freezing and thawing should not change the chemical composition of the product.

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus verifies on the website that it contains these two ingredients:

  • Creatinine
  • Uric acid/urea

We have not found a list of other ingredients, but synthetic urine typically contains the following:

  • Sodium phosphate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Pure water
  • Potassium chloride

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

Quick fix synthetic dot com
4010 Foothills Blvd Suite# 103-24
Roseville CA 95747

Many counterfeit products are sold, so getting the product directly from the website is advised. It can also likely be purchased locally at a head shop due to the extreme demand and popularity, you will need to call and check first.

Additional Products from Quick fix synthetic dot com

Quick Fix Synthetic 2 ounce 6.2
Quick Fix Synthetic Plus 3 ounce
Quick Fix Synthetic 2 ounce value pack
Quick Fix Synthetic Plus 3 ounce value pack
Synthetic Urine Belt
The Stash Leg Strap
Quick Fix basically sells the 6.2 formula in two sizes 3 ounces (plus) and 2 ounces, and all the accessories needed to use it to keep your medical information confidential.

Pros and cons

  • Possibly the most popular synthetic urine on the market
  • Is made to be completely realistic
  • Is sold as a sex toy or as synthetic urine, so it may be legal in your jurisdiction
  • It can give you a leg up in the job world
  • It can allow you to keep your medical information private from surveillance
  • Expensive
  • Illegal in some states
  • You could be prosecuted for attempting to defraud the government if you get caught
  • You have to keep buying synthetic urine and cleaner to reuse it
  • Does not include a fake penis so is not ideal if you are using it alone during an observed test if you are a man

Q&A about Quick Fix 6.2 Plus

Is the Quick Fix 6.2 Plus detectable in lab urinalysis tests?
QuickFix.com suggests its product is indistinguishable from real human urine. Our research suggests it is unlikely to be detected in standard, fast, cheap drug tests, but might be detected or the sample invalidated in more expensive, sophisticated tests.

On Reddit forums, test administrators who agree to answer questions say it can be detected, but they lack credibility due to not knowing that it works most of the time, and they have been brainwashed by the company they are working for and are corrupted due to having dedicated their lives to smelling other people’s urine. They would feel their life is a sham if they had to admit the tests that someone smarter than they made but that they have learned to administer can be beaten by teenagers. So, they naturally claim methods like dilution and synthetic urine don’t work, but there has been scientific documentation that various methods can beat standard drug testing.

The right brand of synthetic urine will beat standard tests. It may not beat tests used by security agencies like FBI and police. It’s possible that some government agencies use fairly cheap tests, but not security agencies.

Will Quick Fix 6.2 Plus have creatine in it?
Yes. It has creatine, or more likely, creatinine, the metabolized form.
Will Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Have Uric Acid in it?
Yes. It will also contain urea most likely.
How do I get it to the right temperature without a microwave?
Strap it to the heat pad, activate the heat pad according to instructions, and let it heat close to the body for at least 45 minutes.
Does Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Expire?
Quick Fix 6.2 Plus synthetic urine will last one year.
Can Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Be Reheated?
It can be repeated as often as needed.
Will Quick Fix 6.2 Plus still be okay if it freezes?
Freezing will not ruin your synthetic urine.
Does Quick Fix 6.2 Plus help to pass a supervised piss test?
Yes and no. If you are a male, you may need a fake penis such as a Monkey Dong or Whizzinator for a supervised test so that you can produce the goods.
Are two ounces enough?
Yes, but only if you don’t waste a drop. Most tests will require at least one ounce and recommend three to five ounces.
How does direct sunlight affect Quick Fix 6.2 Plus?
Keep it out of sunlight which can reduce the shelf life.
Can I put together 2 containers of Quick Fix 6.2 Plus to produce one sample?
You will not need to combine urine. Theoretically, if each sample is not expired, you could combine them. This is contrary to instructions so results may vary.
Can I adulterate my Quick Fix urine to make sure I pass?
No. Your Quick Fix urine contains no drug metabolites, you do not need to add anything whatsoever to it. Do not add your own urine.

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus by quickfix.com Reviews

Positive Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Reviews

Enough said.

Positive Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Reviews

This user got good results. He says you should practice the day before. Therefore, you might need to buy more than one kit. This is good advice, it’s not just a tip to make you buy more. If you don’t want to buy another kit, practice with a bottle of water or something else similar. Your first time going through the motions shouldn’t be when it’s time to pull this off at the testing center.

Positive or Negative ‘You Decide’ Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Review

This user passed but it was not a Department of Transportation test, so we don’t know if this urine will beat all government mandated tests. Of course, we don’t necessarily want people beating department of transportation tests, because they have to be on the road driving. It doesn’t really matter if they smoke weed off the job of course, so we need tests that can tell if someone is currently using marijuana, not that they have marijuana in their system from yesterday or even a month ago.

Positive or Negative ‘You Decide’ Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Review

This user says he ‘failed’ but in fact, he has a retest, which means he didn’t fail but his sample was suspect. Most likely, it means he did not follow instructions correctly to produce the right temperature. Do not take the test if the temperature strip does not read correctly. Being unable to produce a sample is generally better than failing a test. Follow instructions and your urine will be at the proper temperature and you will most likely pass.

Negative Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Review

This user on the Grasscity forums has a more convincing failed experience with Quick Fix. His test result came back to adulterated. This is somewhat suspect since there should be no extra ingredients in the urine but this could mean that the test being used in his case was more expensive than standard tests, and was capable of detecting synthetic urine.


5 out of 5, A+
Quick Fix urine is the gold standard for fake urines. It works at least as well as any synthetic urine on the market. The concern with Quick Fix and other synthetic urines is if they will pass a more expensive, sophisticated drug test, used by security agencies like the CIA. It seems safe to say, synthetic urine, handled correctly, appears to be able to beat a standard drug test. It is up to the user to get 2 ounces in the specimen cup and to have it at the right temperature. If you do, it should pass.
However, some security agencies will use more expensive, sophisticated tests which can detect fake urine. One test administrator who agreed to answer user questions in a Reddit Q and A says he doubts that the creatinine properties of human urine are possible to reproduce inside synthetic urine. This may or may not be true. Creatine is, of course, a common ingredient in both fake urines and detox drinks. It’s possible the tester was not being humble and didn’t know his clever plan of testing for creatinine had already been foiled by nearly every synthetic urine maker. Or, it might be that in fact, it is difficult to add metabolized creatinine with the same properties as that coming from human urine.
In 2017, an article in the New York Times found that nearly half of all applicants to an Ohio boiler factor failed their drug test. That’s a lot of wasted money on tests and lost wages for potential workers. It definitely hits the economy, and not necessarily for good reason. Most of the workers failing the test indubitably failed for marijuana. Marijuana isn’t going to affect their work as long as they aren’t smoking weed at work. But there is no test which can distinguish between present marijuana use and marijuana use days, weeks, even a full month ago. Oral tests could be used for that purpose, but they would have to be able to dismiss trace amounts of marijuana found in the saliva from past use and only measure the present residues from smoking on the job. Alcohol can leave the system as fast as one drink per hour, therefore many alcoholics will not fail a drug test. They only need a few hours to get sober. Alcohol abuse probably leads to the most workplace problems, yet testers have no effective drug test to find alcoholism, nor would anyone want one. Alcoholics are an important work asset. In any case, you don’t have time for society to catch up to you. You have to win, right now. Make sure this is not a job that requires you to be sober off-duty, like truck driving for example. They have to drive for so many hours, you cannot afford to be taking very many drugs, prescribed or otherwise, though we know drivers to be fond of amphetamines. That’s a discussion for another day. If you’re going to beat a drug test, make sure you’re the kind of person who should be at the drug test. We all have to put food on our families, but we don’t want to be putting other people at risk in order to do that.
Let’s review the laws of which we are aware of dealing with the sale, possession, or use of a product such as Quick Fix Plus.

Federal law:
18 U.S.C. § 371
It is illegal to attempt to defraud the government of the United States of America.
Using synthetic urine to fool a government drug test could be considered breaking this law, and prison time could result. This law could pull the seller or maker into hot water with you, or more likely more hot water. This law was used to prosecute the makers of The Whizzinator, a fake penis and synthetic urine kit used to fool drug tests. This resulted in actual prison time (of six months) for one of the makers. We are not aware of any prison time done by single-use buyers (customers, for possession) of the product.
These states prohibit the selling of adulterants
  1. Virginia
  2. Nebraska
  3. Maryland
  4. Illinois
  5. Arkansas
  1. South Carolina
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Oklahoma
  4. North Carolina
These states ban the producing or delivering of detoxification products intended to fool a drug test
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
These three states ban the sale of detox products intended to fool a drug test
  • New Jersey
  • Kentucky
  • Florida

Therefore, be careful and smart to land the job you want and avoid prison time you don’t want. Don’t take any chances the consequences of which, good and bad, you are not prepared.


General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert is not giving medical advice. Seek the advice of your doctor if you are concerned about a health issue such as an unhealthy appearance or other quality to your urine.

FDA Disclaimer

Quick Fix 6.2 is not regulated as a drug or considered a supplement by the United States FDA. It is not for internal use.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

No product can guarantee that you can use it to pass urinalysis, nor is this product labeled as intended for such use.

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