Does Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Score: 4.25 out of 5, B+

Synthetix5 is a typical synthetic urine. It is labeled as containing urea and uric acid. Social media reports suggest it will work for standard drug tests.


Powdered Human Urine

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  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

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Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine for Weed Detox Overview

Synthetix5 to pass a drug test Positive Reviews
Synthetix5 to pass a drug test Negative Reviews We did not find negative reviews.
Can I use Synthetix5 fake pee for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)? Yes.
Can I use Synthetix5 for weed detox (to pass a saliva test)   No. Synthetix5 will not help you pass a saliva test and is not to be used internally.
Works for women? For females, it will work same as it does for males.
Coupon available? Coupons do not appear to be available, but the product is available for about $30.
Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly? No. Synthetix5 is not gonna help you with a blood test. Strictly for use as a substitute for human urine.
How long does it last? Synthetix5, like other forms of synthetic urine, is expected to last for a year unopened. Once opened, use it within 8 hours.
How to Use Synthetix5 fake urine to cleanse pee of marijuana Directions: Heat it up for 10 seconds in the microwave. Attach the bottle of synthetic urine to the heating pad. Put it into your specimen cup.
Where to buy Synthetix5 fake piss for sale near me?
  • Synthetix5 is available at, Amazon, and other retailers

Store Locator on website? The is no store locator and we did not find a working website. You can find the product online at the website listed above. You can also call your local headshop and see if they have the product.



Synthetix5 is a synthetic urine kit which appears to be reasonably trusted on social media. Reviews of this synthetic urine tends to rate it as average. An average synthetic urine will beat standard drug tests if successfully concealed and delivered with bubbles and at the right temperature. It will not likely beat more expensive, extensive drug tests. It is not advisable to attempt to use it for government drug tests as trying to defraud the government could be prosecuted and result in prison time.

Sythetix5 boasts these qualities:

  1. The ph balance of real piss
  2. It has no drugs in it and no detectable adulterants
  3. Human urine has a measurable specific gravity which is reproduced in Synthetix 5
  4. Any gender can use it
  5. It lists both uric acid and urea
  6. Synthetix5 has the right creatinine levels

How a urine drug screen works

  1. A technician from a company like Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics, or sometimes just a supervisor will give you a cup to put your specimen in.
  2. You need to produce at least one ounce of urine, but shoot for 3 ounces. You should first pee in the toilet, then catch some urine, then continue in the toilet.
  3. They may observe you, listen to you, or check the toilet to make sure you urinated, so make sure you get your clean sample into the specimen cup but also pee into the toilet a little. They are not gonna test the stuff in the toilet but they may look to see that you peed.
  4. You should make sure your specimen is the right temperature and has some bubbles in it before you submit it.
  5. Give your sample to the technician or put it in the little collection window. Do not flush the toilet. The technician will check the toilet then flush for you. Your results could be invalidated or looked at suspiciously if you flush the toilet.
  6. You may get test results on the spot or they may call you in a few days.

Overall description

What Comes With The Product? Package Contents

S5 synthetic urine kit contains:

  1. Novel adhesive heating pad
  2. An easy to open cap
  3. Pamphlet of instructions
  4. You get the bottle of Synthetix5 urine, it’s three point five ounces, so a little more than most kits. It’s also well mixed, no tell-tale clumps. However, technicians will actually expect a small amount of sediment in human urine so the lack of sediment could be a strike against you. In any case, shake your bottle and get some bubbles in that urine or they will know it’s synthetic.

The Synthetix5 Instructions

Preparing for a Drug Test with Synthetix5

  1. Heat it up in the microwave for fifteen seconds. The temperature strip should read green.
  2. If the temperature strip is not green, you will need to either heat a little more or let it cool. Never heat for more than 15 seconds.
  3. Shake your heating pad for five seconds. Remove the back to expose the sticky side and stick it on by wrapping it around the bottle, avoiding the temperature strip because you will still need to be able to read the temperature.
  4. Take the cap and put it on.
  5. Conceal it in your undies however you can or by using a fake penis or Synthetix5 belt.
  6. When you are in the testing bathroom alone, shake it up, and make sure the temperature is right. Get at least an ounce into the testing cup, try to put at least 2.5 ounces. You need to pee in the toilet as well or pour some of the synthetic urine into the toilet if you don’t feel like peeing. They may check the toilet to make sure that you peed.
  7. Hand your specimen to the technician and await your results.

Synthetix5, like other synthetic urine makers, does not appear to list their secret formula of ingredients. They confirm urea and uric acid on the bottle. It may also contain the following:

  • Creatinine
  • Pee smell
  • Potassium chloride
  • Pure H2O
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Substances to balance ph
  • Substances to produce the correct specific gravity
  • Yellow color

About Synthetix5

We were unable to find company information. Like with many synthetic urine kits, the website appears to have been disabled, likely for legal reasons. It used to be located at (Domain is expired now). It appears they forgot to take down the Facebook page

Where can I get it near me?

You can get it at,, some headshops and gas stations.

Additional Products from Sythetix5

Synthetix5 appears to produce a Synthetic Urine Belt Kit available for $39.95 at

and other retailers.

Pros and Cons

  • Can be used for sex play
  • Can likely beat standard, cheap drug tests
  • Can stop your medical information from being revealed from your urine
  • Has creatinine
  • Has urea
  • Has uric acid
  • Looks like human urine
  • Moderately priced, about $30
  • It is not the cheapest synthetic urine on the market
  • Beating a drug test with synthetic urine could be illegal in your jurisdiction
  • You have to find a way to conceal it or buy the belt
  • For observed tests, it will be harder to sneak in and you may need a fake penis like a Whizzinator

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Q&A about Synthetix5

Can it be detected?
It may foil cheap, standard testing, but more extensive lab testing could be able to discover the synthetic nature of the product.
Is the creatinine like natural urine?
Has uric acid and urea?
Yes. Both are listed on the front of the packaging. It’s unclear if these are meant to be two different ingredients, or two names for the same ingredient, however.
Do I need to heat it up?
Yeah. Put it in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds. Then shake the heating pack for 5 seconds and stick it on the bottle. If you don’t have a microwave, you can just use the heating pack but it will take at least 45 minutes to reach body temperature which will read green on the temperature strip.
Is it gonna expire?
Yeah, you should use an unopened product within a year. Once opened, use it in 8 hours. Check the box for expiration dates.
Can I reheat it?
You can reheat or let it cool as needed to reach body temperature.
  What if they are watching me?
You will need to plan ahead. Find out if the test will be supervised without raising suspicions. If you’re a male, see if you can get away with using a Whizzinator fake penis or otherwise conceal your urine and get it into the specimen cup, while making the noises of true urination. Make sure it has bubbles in it.
Does it come with enough synthetic urine?
Yes, you need to get an ounce to five ounces of urine into the specimen cup and a bit of urine into the toilet.

Synthetix5 by Synthetix5 Reviews

Positive Synthetix5 Reviews

This user on the f* forums says he passed a standard test using Synthetix5 urine.

Positive Synthetix5 Reviews

This user vouches for Synthetix5, however, the post is about two years old and there is no telling what improvements test makers have made since then.

Positive Synthetix5 Review

The user on Reddit claims to have passed a test for USPS. Even though the post is long and we would normally doc points for that, we consider this one likely genuine because he did not follow package instructions and mishandled the situation before getting it right and fake reviews always go directly by the instructions because they don’t want to lose money from people doing the wrong thing, getting the temperature wrong, then saying the product didn’t work. Also, he did this for a government drug test which is legally a no cuz you could be prosecuted for trying to defraud the government, so a good fake post would not openly admit to that. So, due to the realistic incompetence shown, we are going to say this post is genuine, even though real posts are usually pretty short. Some people just like to hear themselves talk.

Positive Synthetix5 Review

This is a comment from Reddit. This user said Synthetix5  worked fine and the headshop owner said it was the same as Quickfix. This comment, though long (it continues), has average credibility. We only reproduce two sentences here but you can find the full comment by searching on google. We did not find negative reviews. Synthetix5, like many other fake urine brands, appears to have deleted its website. They do this to avoid making claims that could be illegal, for example, the claim that their urine will beat a drug test.

Overall Social Media Credibility Score = 4.3 out of 5, with 5 being the best score

We have not found negative reviews.

We found plenty of reviews.

Let’s try to calculate a social media credibility score.

First off, we need to give a number for volume of reviews:  4 out of 5. This product had few reviews. Credibiity score = 4

Positive reviews: 4 out of 5. Most of the reviews we did find were positive. Credibility score = 4

Length of reviews. 2 reviews were long but credible, the others were short. So,  credibility score = 5

So we have 4+4+5=13 13/3= 3. Overall Social Media Credibility Score = 4.3


4.25 out of 5, B+

Price for quality: about $30, Score = 3.5, good price

Availability = 5, available at Amazon,, and other outlets

Composition/ingredients score = 4.5, has everything needed, lists both urea and uric acid

Social media score = 4, medium amount of reviews, reviews are good overall

This is a good product for the price and will likely pass standard, cheap drug tests. It may not pass expensive, extensive drug tests administered for more important positions.

Laws about synthetic urine

Federal law:
18 U.S.C. § 371
This law says it’s illegal to defraud the US government. Making, selling, or using a synthetic urine to beat a government drug test could be considered violating this law.
Ban on selling adulterants
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • Virginia
  • Nebraska
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
Ban on production and transporting synthetic urine and similar products
Louisiana and Texas
Ban on selling fake urine
  • New Jersey
  • Kentucky
  • Florida

Use these products at your own risk and check the laws of your country, state, county, city, and jurisdiction.


General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert is not giving medical advice. Seek the advice of your doctor if you are concerned about a health issue such as an unhealthy appearance or other quality to your urine.

FDA Disclaimer

Synthetix5 is not regulated as a drug or considered a supplement by the United States FDA. It is not for internal use.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

No product can guarantee that you can use it to pass a urinalysis, nor is this product labeled as intended for such use.

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