Does UPass Really Work?

Score: 3.5 out of 5, Grade: B-  UPass is a completely proficient engineered urine. It is broadly accessible. You can even discover it at your neighborhood corner store. It is entirely reasonable. In the event that you end up slipping it into an example cup, expect it might pass the easiest tests, but it may be detected as synthetic in more involved testing. You can buy it for anywhere from $6 to $20. See Powdered Urine and Urinator lower in the chart. Also,
Quick Fix is one of the top competitors.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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UPass Synthetic Urine for Weed Detox Overview

UPass to pass a drug test Positive Review
UPass to pass a drug test Negative Review We have not found expressly negative reviews. Some users expressed skepticism.
Can I use UPass fake pee for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)? Yes. It is best used for weed-only testing.
Can I use UPass for weed detox (to pass a saliva test) No. UPass is for urine tests.
Works for women? For females, yes. It is for females and males.
Is coupon available? We have not discovered coupons for UPass but it is very affordable.
Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly? No. This product is used as a substitute for human urine as a fetish.
How long does it last? Synthetic urine, stored away from light sources, will tend to last one year. UPass claims its product will last two years.
How to Use UPass fake urine to cleanse pee of marijuana Directions: Heat your fake urine. Keep it warm. Pour it in the specimen cup.
Where to buy UPass fake piss for sale near me?,, headshops, gas stations near you.
Store Locator on a website? UPass is widely available at head shops and gas stations.



The best advantage of UPass synthetic urine is the way that you can get it at your nearby headshop or service station and it’s modest. It has generally excellent dissemination. It features the necessary basics of good synthetic urine, including:

  1. The Ph is that of real urine
  2. It has creatinine levels just like real urine
  3. It has urea/uric acid which testers will be looking for
  4. The specific gravity is just right
  5. Any gender can use it
  6. Most importantly, it contains no drugs or detectable adulterants

How a urine drug screen works

  1. You will get your example cup in which to present your specimen.
  2. You need to give at any rate an ounce of clean pee. Hope to offer 3 to 5 ounces, similar to you really drank that sweet coke they gave you.
  3. You could conceivably be noticed. Whenever noticed, a male may require a fake penis like a Whizzinator.
  4. If that door closes, get that substitute into your specimen cup, at the right temperature.
  5. Don’t flush the toilet. There will likely be a sign on the wall warning you not to flush. They may need to verify that you peed. So, if necessary, spill some pee into the toilet, real or fake, doesn’t matter. They are not gonna test the stuff in the toilet. Sometimes, they will need to hear a stream as well, so, put your real pee into the toilet and your fake pee into the specimen cup.
  6. Give your specimen to the tester or put it into the window as per the instructions.
  7. Labels on the testing cup are gonna tell the tester if you have drug metabolites in your urine but can also reveal if the urine is adulterated. More expensive, non-standard tests for some security or government jobs can detect fake urine and you could be prosecuted for attempting to defraud a government drug test theoretically. In practice, we have not run into any cases where users of detox products have been prosecuted for using the product, but such cases may exist.

Overall description

What Comes With The Product? Package Contents

The UPass kit contains:

  1. Three oz of substitute clean urine
  2. Specimen bottle
  3. Pad for heating urine
  4. Rubber band
  5. Pamphlet with instructions

Step by step guide using UPass for passing a drug test

How to Use High Voltage Detox Drink to Pass a Urinalysis For Probation or Other tests

  1. You will need to open the package and microwave the urine for about 10 secs to heat it up.
  2. Take it out, shake it up, make sure it’s body temperature. You need to shake it up to make sure it has bubbles. You may need to repeat this step before submitting your sample.
  3. Use your rubber band to attach the hand warmer to the bottle. Check the bottle temperature with your temperature strip
  4. When it’s time to deliver your sample, shake the bottle to make sure you have bubbles and everything is well mixed. Make sure the temperature is right.
  5. Put in between 1 and 3 ounces, but not exactly 3 ounces as the technician may suspect that it is fake.

UPass is verified to contain these ingredients:

  • Creatinine
  • Uric acid/urea
  • Yellow coloring
  • Fresh urine smell
  • Balanced acidity

We have not found a list of other ingredients, but synthetic urine typically contains the following in addition:

  • Potassium chloride KCL
  • Sodium chloride NaCl
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Water

About Safeguard

We have not been able to find information about the company. They have a very wide distribution and are available on Amazon even when most synthetic urines are not available there. This means they have good connections and distribution but are still cautious about being in a legal grey area. UPass urine is sold as a novelty, fetish, and prank item and they have apparently stayed on the right side of the law for now with this claim.

Where can I get it near me?

UPass’s great strength is that it is widely available and cheap. You can get it from a drug store, gas station, or even from Amazon.

Additional Products from Safeguard

We have only discovered a single product, UPass. Possibly, the wide dissemination and accessibility of this item propose it is a shell organization of a good organization that would not like to be related with selling synthetic urine while utilizing its associations with getting its phony pee on destinations like Amazon which don’t seem to convey numerous dangerous items and scarcely any different brands of fake pee.

Pros and cons

  • Great popularity
  • Fairly cheap
  • Made to be realistic in odor, look, creatinine, and ph
  • May fool standard drug tests
  • Available at gas stations, Amazon, and other accessible retailers
  • May not beat more carefully monitored drug tests
  • Illegal in some jurisdictions
  • You could get in trouble for trying to beat a drug test, especially one from a government source or government-regulated industry
  • There are some claims this urine has failed a drug test
  • It does not include a Whizzinator or fake penis

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Q&A about UPass

Does it work?
It may pass the simplest drug tests, especially tests for weed only.
Will it pass the creatinine check?
Yes. It appears to contain creatinine.
Does it pass the urea/uric acid check?
Yes. It seems to contain one or both and may pass some simple drug tests. It will most likely pass your mom’s at-home weed test.
Do I need a microwave?
Yes, you should microwave it for about 10 secs, check the temp with the temperature strip then keep it at body temp with the heating pad.
Does UPass get old?
Check the container for an expiration date. Synthetic urine stored in a cool place away from light typically lasts one year. UPass claims its urine will last two years.
Can I heat it up again?
You can reheat it as often as needed to keep it at the right temperature before your test. Once opened, use it within 8 hours.
Can I freeze it?
Theoretically, most synthetic urines will survive to freeze, but you should try to avoid doing anything that could alter the chemical composition or physical properties of the urine.
Can I use it to pass a supervised test?
If you are a man, you may need to produce a fake penis like a Whizzinator or Monkey Dong. You could use UPass as the urine if you are out of the urine that comes with the product or a more reliable substitute.
How much do I need?
You need at least one ounce of urine in your specimen cup but shoot for two or three. Then you need some real or fake urine in the toilet to verify that you peed. Some technicians will listen for a urine stream. You also need bubbles in your urine, so shake it up and also make sure it’s the right temperature.
Is it legal?
In some states, under some circumstances. The truth is, the likelihood of prosecution merely for possession is low even in states with laws against products designed to fool a drug test. It’s a legitimate hazy situation yet UPass gets somewhat more of a pass than other pee items since it says on it “Exploration and Novelty Use as it were.” Research use implies it should work very much like customary pee notwithstanding straightforward testing gear.

UPass by Safeguard Reviews

Positive UPass Review

This user trusts UPass because a friend has used it successfully.

Positive UPass Review

We found this review on, a site that is also selling the product. There is a lack of both positive and negative reviews for UPass, which suggests either that it is a product of last resort or that there is a legal mechanism that is curating comments about the product, ensuring it is not discussed as a means of beating a drug test.


3.5 out of 5 B-

This urine is not advertised for use to beat drug tests. It may beat a simple drug test if you keep it at the right temperature and make some bubbles in it. It will probably be at your mom’s weed test. We were unable to find a dedicated website, yet the product is widely available as a prank or a fetish product. This means possibly there is a company behind it that wants some anonymity.

We could not even pull up the website listed on the product as the domain seems to be untaken. This is unusual for a product with such wide distribution and availability. This product is doing the smart thing by remaining on the right side of the law. Which laws?  Read on.

Here are the laws you need to be sure to know before you use any synthetic urine. There is risk:

Federal law:

18 U.S.C. § 371
You cannot defraud the US Government.


If you cheat on a government-given drug test, you could theoretically be charged with attempting to defraud the US government. We do not know that this has happened to any users of detox products or fake urine products, but it has happened to the original makers of The Whizzinator.

You can’t sell adulterants in these states
  1. Maryland
  2. Nebraska
  3. Virginia
  4. Arkansas
  5. Illinois
  1. North Carolina
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. South Carolina
You can’t produce or deliver products intended to fool a drug test in these states
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
You can’t sell detox products in these states
  1. Florida
  2. Kentucky
  3. New Jersey

Now for the good news. UPass has particularly positioned itself to argue that its urine is for fetish, prank, and novelty use so they are less likely to get prosecuted for making detox products. This is possibly why they don’t have an easily discoverable website. Anything they say could be used against them, so it’s best to say nothing, especially if they already have good distribution and a good, cheap price. And of course, they are right. It’s not up to them what people do with their synthetic urine. We have over-regulation. The state isn’t a god who is to tell you everything to do with your life and be the final judge over everyone’s actions. UPass is fighting the good fight in their own way. We would prefer they give us a little more information, but they are being smart and protecting themselves so good for them.


General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert is not giving medical advice. Seek the advice of your doctor if you are concerned about a health issue such as an unhealthy appearance or other quality of your urine.

FDA Disclaimer

UPASS is not regulated as a drug or considered a supplement by the United States FDA. It is not for internal use.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

No product can guarantee that you can use it to pass urinalysis, nor is this product labeled as intended for such use.

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