Urine Luck Reviews

Does Urine Luck Really Work?

Score: 4 out of 5, B
Urine Luck is an adulterant. It is touted to be able to cause a negative reading for nicotine and illicit drugs. It is useful only for Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry lab administered drug tests, Not for use for pre-employment instant drug screens.

Urine Luck for Weed Detox Overview

Urine Luck to pass a drug test Positive Review “Why not use the Quick Fix synthetic urine instead?”
Urine Luck to pass a drug test Negative Review “I failed with it…”
Can I use Urine Luck fake pee for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)? Yes.
Can I use Urine Luck for weed detox (to pass a saliva test) No. This product appears to be aimed at urine tests.
Works for women? For females, this product will work on anyone’s urine.
Is coupon available? Check the Quick Fix site for deals.
Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly? No. It is for human urine and may not work on a blood test.
How long does it last? Check your particular box and container for expiration date. The current formulas are labeled 8.0-916 and above so be sure to get a current version.
How to Use Urine Luck fake urine to cleanse pee of marijuana Directions: Drink about two glasses of water before the test. Pee twice before your test to get rid of the first two passes which have higher toxin loads. Pee into your specimen cup. Drop your two vials of adulterant in there and mix it up mildly. You’re done.
Where to buy Urine Luck fake piss for sale near me? Buy online at https://www.cleartest.com/product/urine-luck
Or https://urineluck.com/slider/urine-luck-detoxifying-agent.html
Store Locator on a website? Urine Luck’s manufacturer is Spectrum Labs, the same one who produces Quick Fix Urine, maybe the most popular synthetic urine brand. We recommend buying directly and solely from the main website as there are many fake products on the market.

How long should I wait for the Urine Luck effect? How long it may be used?

However, you may find information that you should wait for 3 hours, the effect of Urine Luck is immediate. But you have to make some preparations. Shake it for 2 minutes, desired quantity – 2-3 ounces (60-90 ml) of the sample. Urinate 2-3 times before mixing your sample with Urine Luck. Do not confuse: add Urine Luck to your urine, not vice versa. Eat 3-5 times a day, the only limitation is 10 ounces of fluids per 60 mins on the day of testing. You may use Urine Luck for more than 1 year. The expiration date is 18 months, no matter, did you open it or did not.



Urine Luck is not a synthetic urine kit. It is instead an adulterant made by Spectrum Labs, the makers of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. On the official site, it is touted as capable of masking the detection of nicotine in the urine. Some companies do perform a nicotine drug test. They want to avoid hiring tobacco users because they drive up health-related costs for the company, from insurance premiums to missed days of work, but most people are looking to use the product to mask illicit drug use.

Specifications for Urine Luck

  1. You get to use your real piss, so it always comes up as human urine with uric acid and urea.
  2. It contains two vials.
  3. It is for use with gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC, MS tests).
  4. Destroys nicotinic metabolites.
  5. Likely alters other drug metabolites making drug use undetectable.
  6. It will not help you with instant tests because it takes 90 minutes to work. It will only work in tests that have to be taken back to a lab.
  7. They differentiate between pre-employment screens and tests. Screens are the ones with instant results. This product does not work for those. Tests are the ones they take back to the lab, that’s what urine luck is for.
  8. Urine Luck alters the right-hand side of the drug molecules. GCMS tests can tell the molecule is not the same, thereby giving you the negative result you want, but instant drug screens cannot differentiate and will come back positive or inconclusive.
  9. The longer it’s in the sample, the more effective.
  10. It does not contain acids.
  11. It does not contain Glutaraldehyde.
  12. It does not contain nitrites.
  13. It does not contain pyridine.
  14. Claims a 99.6% success rate for urine GCMS tests, but of course, they don’t do post-market analysis.

How a urine drug screen works

  1. GC-MS is a combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. It is used to identify unknown substances.
  2. First, the technician dissolves the substance or substances in a liquid. Since we are looking at your pee, this part must be easy to do.
  3. Now he injects it into the machine some supergeeks have built. It goes through a stream of gas that might be hydrogen, helium, or nitrogen. It goes through a tube coated with a special substance that separates each compound in the solution.
  4. The substances are then ionized and become electrically charged. They fly under a magnet that separates the substances according to weight and charge.
  5. They are measured and identified according to comparison to the profile of cataloged substances. This is where the drugs are identified.
  6. The way Urine Luck claims to work is that it will either break down or combine with the drugs in your sample and change the chemical structure of the drug so that it cannot be identified.

Overall description

Package Contents

  • Vial one.
  • Vial two.

These contain unidentified adulterants. The only thing we know is that they are not the common ones, Clorox, Glutaraldehyde, or nitrites.

The Urine Luck Instructions

  1. Online, Urine Luck is touted to have a 99.6% success rate. Since that’s not coming from post-market reports, we assume they mean that they tested it with their own lab equipment and found out that it always worked and was always undetectable.
  2. First, make sure you’ve peed twice cuz your early piss has all the drugs in it. You can drink a few glasses of water (no more than 10 ounces an hour before the test) but if you drink too much water, your test will come back as diluted which is a no-no, so don’t go crazy with the water.
  3. Shake up both of your vials. Pee your golden stream into the sample cup, two or three ounces only. Put your two vials of mystery substance into your piss. This formula was made for 3 ounces of urine, and it’s gonna work best the closest you can get to that, no more, no less.
  4. Don’t use other detox products or methods cuz you could get a dilute or adulterated result.
  5. Mix it up. Submit your sample
  6. What not to do: Don’t let this stuff come in contact with your skin or mucous membranes. Do not ever take this stuff internally. Obviously, this is something that breaks down organic material. You are made of organic material and you don’t want it broken down by some mystery proteases. It might be something relatively harmless like bromelain or papain, the stuff they use to break down the steak, or it could be something quite dangerous to living tissues.


We do not know what the ingredients to the product are and apparently, they are not under obligation to list the ingredients. They do list a patent number however so if you must know, you can possibly get a hold of the patent application. We have gleaned the following about the contents of the two vials:

  • Contains a chemical oxidizing agent
  • A hydrolyzing acid from the group consisting of hydrochloric acid, n-hydroiodic acid, hydrobromic acid, or hydrofluoric acid
  • sodium persulfate is sufficient to oxidize at least about 20% of the tetrahydrocannabinol

See the full patent application for further information. Go to the US patent office site and search patent number 7045098.

Manufacturer, Support, Certificates

Spectrum Labs is the maker of the famous Quick Fix Synthetic Urine which is possibly the most popular synthetic urine. Spectrum Labs first came into the industry with Urine Luck as their first product. They then topped that success with Quick Fix urine and they have patents for both.

Spectrum Labs
Customer Service
8 AM – 5 PM EST
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed

Where can I get it near me?

You have to get it online from https://urineluck.com/slider/urine-luck-detoxifying-agent.html
You can also get it from https://www.cleartest.com/product/urine-luck

Additional Products from Spectrum Labs

Quick Fix Plus 3 Ounce – $45
Quick Fix Synthetic 2 Ounce – $35
Quick Clear Detox Orange mango – $39.95
Quick Clear Detox Blueberry Acai – $39.95
Quick Test Plus Home Test Kit (W/Control) – $45
Quick Text Home Drug Tests – $23.95

Pros and Cons

  • It’s not fake urine so it won’t come up like that
  • You can use your own real urine
  • It’s very easy to use, just put both vials in there
  • It works for GC/MS tests
  • It works in 90 minutes
  • It will fool gas chromatography tests and mass spectrometry tests
  • It’s easy to carry and conceal
  • Been on the market almost 30 years
  • It may be illegal to use adulterants in some states
  • It does not work for an instant, cheaper drug screens used by most employers. This is the most important. You only use this product when you know you are doing a test that is more expensive and will be taken to a lab and analyzed by sophisticated machines
  • The chemicals are only vouched in the patent to take out 20 to 50 % each of the drug metabolites so theoretically a detectable level could be leftover

Q&A about Urine Luck

Can they find out you’re using it?

It is claimed to be completely undetectable.

Does it contain creatinine?

No. Your own urine will contain creatinine and Urine Luck will break down drug metabolites without affecting creatinine or any other substances tested for.

Does it have uric acid and urea?

It is not synthetic urine, it is an adulterant. Your urine will contain those and Urine Luck will not alter the levels tested for but will make drug metabolites undetectable.

Is it easy to use?

Very much so, just pour both vials into your 2 to 3 ounces of urine. It’s important to make sure you have exactly 2 or 3 ounces.

What if they are watching me?

You could be outta luck or be slick. You could have the vials hidden in a little pocket or taped close to the penis, just get the contents into the specimen cup unseen.

What’s the difference between Urine Luck and Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix synthetic urine by Spectrum Labs contains all the components of real human piss. It can fool a drug screen and drug test (GC/MS). On the other hand, Urine Luck is an adulterant that will break down drug metabolites present in your urine and will make them invisible and undetectable to gas chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment. We suppose that Urine Luck will only work for expensive, lab-based drug testing. You can use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for ordinary drug tests and drug screening.

Urine Luck by Urine Luck Reviews

“I went to verify the number and found it was invalid.”

We didn’t find many social media reviews for Urine Luck. One reason for this may be that the fake product is being sold. This user found a bottle of what he thought was urine luck but was a type of synthetic urine with an invalid batch number. Urine Luck is not synthetic urine, it is an adulterant so if you find synthetic urine called Urine Luck, it is a fake.

“Why not use the Quick Fix synthetic urine instead?”

This user points out one of the reasons Quick Fix synthetic urine has superseded Spectrum Lab’s Urine Luck. Urine Luck only works for lab analyzed tests, not for the instant screens that are most often used for pre-employment screens.

“I failed with it…”

This user failed a pre-employment drug test using Urine Luck. It was most likely an instant screen, therefore, he used it with the wrong kind of test. He would have been better off with Quick Fix Synthetic urine. He used the wrong product.

This user basically busts Urine Luck. It will not work for DOT tests for driving jobs because they only require a 45 ml sample and that’s not enough for the full two vials. You might use slightly less, but overall, just get the Quick Fix urine instead to be on the safe side. Also, they often watch you urinate into the cup, especially for males. The consensus on Urine Luck seems to be that the second product they put out, Quick Fix, has basically superseded the need for Urine Luck.


In conclusion, it seems that what you are probably looking for is Quick Fix Synthetic urine. It will pass both GC/MS tests and instant drug screens. You would use Urine Luck only if you knew for sure the test was going to be taken to a lab and analyzed, but even in that case, why not use Quick Fix synthetic urine instead?

Laws about synthetic urine

Federal law:

18 U.S.C. § 371
This law says it is illegal to defraud the US government. You could be accused of this if you try to fool a DOT or court drug test.

In these states, you cannot sell adulterants.
  • Virginia
  • Nebraska
  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • South Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
You can’t make or carry detox or adulterant products in these states
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
Here, you can’t sell synthetic urine
  1. New Jersey
  2. Kentucky
  3. Florida

Always check your local laws before buying, carrying, or using a detox product.


General Medical Disclaimer

Leaf Expert does not give medical advice. If you have a drug problem, see a medical professional for treatment. If you have an odd appearance to your urine, talk to your primary care physician.

FDA Disclaimer

Urine Luck is not regulated as a drug by the FDA. It is not to be used internally.

Drug Screening Disclaimer

Detox products such as Urine Luck cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug test. Do not use where illegal.

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